Thursday, August 16, 2007

Calling the McBride sexism police

Does our friend Jessica -- hear her roar! -- only see sexism when she's criticized by someone of the male persuasion (espcially liberal males)?

Let's see if her friend at Texas Hold 'Em rates a scolding for his What every man wants for Christmas post.

Or will these be one of those "Omigod, I am laughing so hard I could die" moments?


  1. Do you have any sense of humor whatsoever? This is one blogger's personal attempt at conveying humor to his readers, and you have to somehow turn it into some big hypocrisy revelation against your little crush... oh, I'm sorry, I mean nemesis... Ms. McBride.

    How remarkably catty.

    Do you have anything else in your bag of tricks? Frankly, this "riding the coattails of someone else's downfall" shtick is getting old very quickly.

    Reach out. Expand your horizons.

  2. I believe you will find that this blog began in mid-April, long before there were any "coattails of someone else's downfall" to ride.

    You, of course, are free to take your business elsewhere. Readership of Whallah! remains voluntary.

  3. You are correct, sir. As with the whole of the internet, my visit here is voluntary. However, since you've chosen to participate in the blognetnews feed, and your content is now presumably being exposed to a larger and more diverse audience than ever before,
    (which is why I'm screencapping all of my posts) may I make the impartial observation that - were it not for Ms. McBride - as evidenced by every post visible on your entire blog frontpage, effective this evening... you'd apparently have nothing else to blog about.

    Don't you have any other hobbies, interests? Couldn't you bitch about the Brewers like the rest of us? Perhaps you could find some way to blame their lackluster performance, post all-star break, on Jessica McBride!

    Disappearing manhole - oh, I'm sorry - personhole covers in the City of Milwaukee? Sounds like the handiwork of Jessica McBride. Better get on that one for your next blog post.

    So I'll ask you again: Do you have any sense of humor whatsoever? And a secondary question: Is a person who is not Jessica McBride, in your world, allowed to post something at their blog without you somehow turning it into a slam on Jessica McBride? Just wondering...

  4. Well, yes, Bruce -- a blog that is clearly labeled to be about McBride will be about . . . McBride. Whallah! as we say here.

    And, no, Bruce, it's not that the contributors to this blog have nothing to blog about, because if you knew how to click around a blog site, you would find that they all have many other matters to talk about and do so on their individual blogs, just not on this collective blog.

    Hard to believe this has to be explained, when a blog is clearly labeled, and its contributors are clearly linked, etc. But there it is.

    Now, Bruce, do you know why the blog has the name it does? Click around and see if you can find out all by yourself. But if not, c'mon back now, and we'll explain some more about what already is explained here.

  5. I can't help noticing that, since I am now facing a response from a new moniker; thus, you have apparently enlisted the help of reinforcements.... Since I'm the first person to draw sincere attention to this blog in, well, months... tell me again why y'all post in "template" or "anonymous" monikers? What's up with that?

    And since none of your hidden identities addressed my earlier query: "Is a person who is not Jessica McBride, in your world, allowed to post something at their blog without you somehow turning it into a slam on Jessica McBride?"

    The fact that a person happens to be, in this case, Jessica McBride, does not, in my opinion, expose them (by mere existence) to a plot so ambitious, it would afford them control over the blogosphere in a manner so extreme that a post totally unrelated to them should be, by virtue of their mere existence, somehow attributed to them. Again, just an observation.

    Please share your thoughts.

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  7. Sorry, Bruce, but I don't feel the need to justify this blog's existence for you.

    McBride has many outlets and opportunities to defend herself.

    Don't you have anything better to do than harass us?

  8. Let me make sure I interpreted your question correctly:

    A blog in which anonymous posters do nothing but harass somebody accuses a commenter to said blog of "harassing" the owners of this blog for asking a question (which remains unanswered).

    Hmmmm. That's classic.

    While I know that sometimes it is difficult to let go, you might wish to consider the possibility that the Warholian 15 minutes for this site were over about 8 minutes ago.

    I'd be interested in reading the posting which you chose to voluntarily delete after publishing... that must have been a doozy.

    BTW, the question was: Don't you have any sense of humor whatsoever? (as it related to your decision to associate a mock-up of a "sexist" remote control which has circumnavigated the internet about 42,000 times, which was not posted by - nor commented upon - by Jessica McBride... with Jessica McBride.)

    If you truly believe that stupid photo is sexist, than I guess I have answered my own question.

  9. The deleted comment had a typo.

    As to sense of humor, I direct you to the title of the blog.

    Lighten up, buddy.

  10. I have a question for Bruce: Don't you have a job?

  11. Hi Bruce.

    I for one enjoy this blog because the comedy mitigates against the devaluation of my undergrad degree from UWM, where McBride currently resides as a "lecturer."

    So for me it's very therapeutic.

  12. Anonymous said...

    I have a question for Bruce: Don't you have a job?

    How exactly is this question relevant to the discussion?

    You're the one(s) making one banal blog post after another about a person you don't know - which apparently requires more than one person.

  13. Hmmm. Bruce, your rhetorical question is so weighty that it seems there is more than one "anonymous" posting: You're THAT formidable! And, apparently, jobless.

  14. Have you considered the possibility that I am part of the "creative class" and work when the mood strikes me? Or perhaps a stay-at-home parent? Or that I have people who do my work for me, and I kick my feet up on my desk and watch the checks roll in?
    Or that I'm a politician, laughing hysterically at the fact that I can post on your blog during the work day, and there's nothing the taxpayers can do about it?

    I thought liberals were supposed to be the "tolerant, open-minded" ones...

    The boldest assumption made in this thread is that I must be "jobless".
    Why, because only the "jobless", who have exhausted every other ounce of content the internet has to offer, stumble upon your blog?

    You should offer some gratitude for the increased exposure I have brought you. Perhaps you'll make the "most commented" list on today's blognetnews!

    Or, perhaps not.

  15. "Bruce" -- who is just as anonymous as anyone else -- is clearly a troll whose main thrill in life is getting a response.

    I, for one, think everyone should stop giving him what he wants. At 13 comments, he's probably had several orgasms already. He'll keep this going forever if we allow it.

    Go get your own blog, Bruce, if you have so much to say.

  16. Bruce is apparently a McBride person. Look, here Bruce ... McBride is not a nice person. Her husband isn't a nice person either. His bitter arrogant mean spirit was seen by voters and he wasn't elected. McBride mimics her husband in attitude and arrogance. She got fired from WTMJ. She has a skippy job of supposedly teaching at UWM - which is a joke. The cub reporter had a few years at MJS as a reporter. The MJS people don't even respect her and consider her a nuisance and someone who brings a poor image to real journalists. She says a lot of stupid shit without basis or fact and insults endless individuals and groups of people. She's being held accountable for her actions with the most recent FIRING from the radio station and the dumb shit she says on this blog and other blogs. It's that simple to understand.

  17. Bruce, as I see it, Whallah! isn't just "riding the coattails of someone else's downfall;" Whallah! is simply bringing truth to the masses, since Jessica McBride the journalist can't be bothered to do the same.

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  19. mistake...the banner on your blog should read:

    Join the War to End Russ Feingold.