Friday, August 17, 2007

Refighting the last war

McBride is still steamed that JB Van Hollen kicked her hubby's butt in the Republican primary for AG last fall.

And now, even worse, Van Hollen's getting some positive stories from the "liberal media" -- of which she is a former active member. (It makes you wonder. Did she see how liberal the media were when she was a reporter? Did she ever complain about it? Or did her recent conversion to conservatism -- some say she's a conservative by marriage -- open her eyes?)

She's clearly unhappy about Van Hollen's good fortune, offering this backhanded compliment to JBVH's media honeymoon:
Attorney General Van Hollen has some good PR people working for him. The backlog in the crime lab (his signature issue) has actually increased since 2006 (through July 31st of this year), and his people turn it into a series of positive headlines around the state. Finally, the liberal media have found a Republican they won't spin everything negative on. Wonders never cease. The Democrats would be ill-advised to underestimate Van Hollen as a potential gubernatorial challenger in 2010. The linked story is a classic political PR example of how to take a potential negative and turn it into a positive.
UPDATE: McBride may be pleased to learn than JBVH is under fire for his association with Pro-Life Wisconsin, the extremists who recently celebrated with a re-enactment of the murder of an abortion provider.

UPDATE 2: Even her fellow wingers, like Little Miss Sunshine, see what she's up to:
I'm afraid Mrs. Bucher loses a little credibility when she blogs so bitterly about the Attorney General who defeated her husband in a primary race. I guess old grudges die hard.
UPDATE 3: Mr. Hold 'Em of Texas is confused about who said what to whom when. But if you want to see for yourself what NARAL did and didn't say, here is the press release.


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  2. How fascinating, from a blog purportedly devoted to press criticism.

    A more proper and effective criticism of the AP report would have noted its glaring exclusion of the number of cases received by the crime lab between 12/06 and 7/07.

    Because that's the figure required to properly assess the existing backlog in terms of its growth over the last several years and whether or not the DOJ is making any headway against the precipitous spike in both received and unprocessed cases it experienced in 2005.

    It's hard to say which is shallower, McBride's comical partisan inclinations or her ability to actually read the press reports she attempts to criticize.

  3. "Or did her recent conversion to conservatism--some say she's a conservative by marriage--open her eyes?"

    Was it the marriage to Paul that defined her as a conservative in her mind or the adultery with him? I hear that's one of their strengths.