Tuesday, August 14, 2007

With Obama, seeing is believing

She continues to attack him on content, but McBride has done an about-face on Barack Obama's speaking ability after hearing him firsthand.

A July 24 post entitled, "Barack Obama's Lack of Eloquence:"
The MSM myth is that Barack Obama is a powerful and moving orator. I realized this was myth when I heard the audio from his Milwaukee appearance a few months ago, in which he blamed Virginia Tech on Don Imus, Iraq, and everything including the kitchen sink. I was shocked then how much he LACKED eloquence.
And Today:
I saw Barack Obama speak in person. And I have to say he is a good speaker (that's not a media myth, his rambling Milwaukee speech on Virginia Tech aside). He is able to connect emotionally with his audience in a way that Hillary Clinton does not (she connects through logos; he connects through pathos). He also seems like a very decent person (if you can really tell that from a stump speech), and it's true he's bringing additional people into the political process (such as the younger voter), and that's a positive.
We don't see an endorsement in the future, and she didn't join in the standing ovation. But maybe she can understand why it happened, with an audience of black journalists, including student journalists.

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  1. Well it's nice to see her replacing one "media myth" for another. That's progress. Maybe next she'll encounter a peaceful Muslim. In the meantime, baby steps!