Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Judging a cop by his cover

Welcome once again to McBride World, where candidates for police chief are evaluated by how tough they look.

If that's the criterion, the Fire and Police Commission should look at the mug shot of the guy charged in the triple murder in Connecticut.


  1. "Capt. James Harpole. I couldn't find a pic."

    That's some great reporting right there, and a fine lesson for her students.

    Why doesn't she head over to 49th and Lisbon and meet him. He might even consent to being photographed.

  2. Anonymous, do you think JM would be caught dead in a neighborhood like that? I doubt she'd be willing to venture outside the safety and security of Waukesha County. After all, if she went to 49th and Lisbon, she might actually run into some undesirables.


  3. I couldn't disagree more. The record will show that she has a history of...friendliness...toward law enforcement.