Thursday, November 6, 2008

Cue the Crickets

Barring the discovery of some hidden votes, apparently Alaska will be returning a convicted felon to the US Senate.

Can we expect that our supreme, self-appointed arbiter over at 620 will be passing judgement on the morality of the voters up in caribou country as he did with Milwaukee's inner city?


  1. Those Alaskan thugs! But what do you expect? They elected Palin, too.

  2. Wow, ran across this blog and you people must be the unhappiest bloggers I have ever come across! You are taking years off your life being so bitter about politics and whomever this Charley Sykes may be...

  3. Not at all, my anonymous friend. We are just presenting the truth, since Charlie and company don't want to.

  4. No, Charlie has no problem with re-electing felons who none-the-less espouse the high ethical and moral standards of the Republican party.

    Instead he spent yesterday blaming the election of Obama for the stock market dropping. Apparently the only person who is absolutely not responsible for our forgein policy mess, two unending wars, recession, tanking stock market and recent socialist decisions to nationalize at least part of our banking system, is one George W. Bush, Sykes hero until only recently...

  5. Show some creativity please. I think Stevens days are numbered. I believe the majority of voters in Alaska know his days in the Senate are short. so they voted for him, he will resign and then they will have a special election and probably elect another Republican. In Alaska, this probably is better than having a Democrat in the senate.

  6. Bashing the smug and self-important is great sport and lots of fun.

    He is Milwaukee's version of Bill O.

    If you want to see wasted time off of lives, go here --

  7. I believe the majority of voters in Alaska know his days in the Senate are short. so they voted for him ...

    This has got to be about the goofiest comment by you yet, Danny-me-boy. Yeah, I can just imagine the thought process of the typical Alaskan --

    "Well, gosh be-darn it. Dat dumbass Stevens got caught an now he's a crook. Yup, tink I'll vote him, you betcha jus so dat Dem don't get elected."