Thursday, November 20, 2008

Elliot Stearns Just Wants To See His Name In Print

Elliot Stearns, Libertarian blogger, has offered a proposal in which if bloggers would do a post on him, he would return the favor.

As that I find this Prince of Puns to be a thought-provoking writer, and that I could always use the publicity, I figured I'd make this pact with the wheeled devil, and agreed to his offer. Twice.

I know that he will make out like a bandit if enough people take him up on the offer, but I've always had a soft spot in my heart for the handicapped. And Elliot has more handicaps than a lousy golfer.

Anyway, even though Elliot does have some good qualities about him, there are some serious flaws as well. I've explained a little bit over here, but the flaw pertinent to any Whallah! reader is a major one.

You see, gentle reader, despite being a Libertarian, finding himself in need of a wheelchair and an inexplicable fascination with guns, these all pale to Elliot's most troubling issue. He has, God only knows why, a very serious man-crush on James T. Harris.

Why a Libertarian would like someone that things it's OK to own his daughter is beyond me. I guess there is no accounting for taste with some people. To me, it would be like PETA member that likes KFC.

Either way, he asked for it, he got it.

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