Thursday, November 13, 2008

Next Up For Sale: The Brooklyn Bridge

Last week, we learned that PaddyMac has been playing show and tell with his columns before they were published either in the paper or on the JSOnline website.

Gretchen Shuldt Doege, of Milwaukee Rising, apparently had some communication with Journal Sentinel Managing Editor George Stanley:

Patrick McIlheran’s pre-publication sharing of a column with a generally right wing bunch of bloggers was a mistake that shouldn’t have happened and shouldn’t happen again, according to Journal Sentinel managing editor George Stanley (previous posts here and here).

Thank you, George.

Gee, something tells me that this was hardly the first time Paddy played this game of peek and boo with his buddies.

Furthermore, who does Stanley think he is kidding that we should honestly believe that Paddy won't do it again. He'll just be more careful on who he has on his email list.

The next thing they'll be telling us is that they really do provide a "fair and balanced look at the news."

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  1. I guess you missed it. Stanley did write a column lately assuring readers that his right-wing views do not influence how he decides what goes in the paper, or where, or how the news is covered. Right. How could I ever have doubted?