Wednesday, November 12, 2008

McIlheran's Madness

PaddyMac, dragging out the poor belabored bogieman of the Fairness Doctrine, laments that a liberal like Joel McNally would have the nerve to want a level playing field. The historic moment comes in this part of Paddy's post (emphasis mine):

One of the other WMCS hosts, Eric Von, has been so kind as to have me on his show a couple of times to offer his listeners some insight into the other side, Mr. Von being of generally liberal opinions. I recently got invited onto Wisconsin Public Radio in much the same spirit: Do, please, explain to us this odd way of thinking you embrace.

Then again, conservative hosts usually push liberal callers to the front of the line. Charlie Sykes does it. Rush Limbaugh is famous for it and is notably courteous to such callers. A little argument spices up a show.

I'm used to Paddy putting a hard spin on things, but this is the first time that I can recall where he out and outright lied in public.


  1. "laments that a liberal like Joel McNally would have the nerve to want a level playing field"

    It is a completely level playing field, Cap.

    Joel has a radio program and he has the exact same opportunity to build an audience that Sykes had when he started his. (Or James T. has now.)

    No radio station is better than any other as long as it can be tuned in. It's like the internet. There is no barrier to building an audience.

    I don't listen to Sykes. I don't listen to Rush. I listen to NPR. But you don't hear me demanding that NPR give equal time to Conservative opinions (which would at least be semi-appropriate considering that a portion of their funding is public money).

    I consider you an intelligent, sincere person. I can't believe you really think the fairness doctrine is "fair" or even about fairness.

  2. Pushes liberal callers to the front?? Treats them with courtesy?? And God said Ha!

    This artice by former WTMJ news director Dan Shelly is MUST reading for everyone who loves or loathes Sykes et. al. :

  3. Elliot,

    I don't think that the station that carries McNally has a 50,000 watt stick in the air. I can catch WGOP in my car at the northern castle, which is 150 miles away. I can get that crap, but I cannot even get all the TV stations from Wausau which is only 45 miles away. There is no way you can call that a level playing field.

    As far as the need for Fairness Doctrine, read Dan Shelly's column, then tell me what you think.

    I would settle my griping if WGOP would simply play a disclaimer at the beginning of every segment notifying the listeners that the views presented are only opinion, and do not necessarily have anything to do with the truth, or reality for that matter. Either that or that it is a three and a half hour long infomercial for the GOP.

  4. I think a disclaimer is a great idea!

    Can we get one in front of Joy Cardin and Kathleen Dunn on WPR, too?!