Thursday, November 27, 2008

Personal Responsibility Redefined

One of the favorite harping points among conservative squawkers is personal responsibility. That is, of course, only applied to liberals. When it is a matter of personal responsibility for themselves, well that is a whole different story. I am sure that Jessica McBride also was one that advocated for personal responsibility, but there is no way to confirm this since she went underground much earlier this spring.

Case in point, according to stories in the Waukesha Freeman and the West Bend Daily News:

The McBuchers, Jessica, Paul and their daugher is suing a hotel and their insurance company. Their daughter suffered severe burns to her hands when she touched a hot glass in front of a burning fire place. The McBuchers are stating that the hotel is liable is responsible because they did not have any kind of protective covering to keep people from touching the hot glass.

The first question that comes to mind is where were the McBuchers. Paul was campaigning elsewhere, while Jessica was in the hotel giving a campaign speech for her husband. Another woman, Jennifer Dorow, was supposed to be watching the child when this happened.

The insurance company has added Ms. Dorow as a codefendant, since she was supposed to be watching the girl, but obviously wasn't doing a very good job of it. The McBuchers are protesting adding Ms. Dorow, stating that she did nothing wrong.

First, let me say that we at Whallah! are very glad to see that the little girl has recovered completely and that there will be no scarring.

But isn't it ironic that both Paul and Jessica, who have made a living of telling people that they need to take personal responsibility for their actions, want to blame the hotel for having hot glass in front of the fire, but do not want to blame their aide who should've recognized that fire is hot and that anything near a fire is hot as well, but let the little girl play near there without close supervison?

It is also interesting to note that Ms. Dorow, the woman that was supposed to be watching the girl, was also employed at one time in the Waukesha County District Attorney's Office, working under Paul Bucher. The story doesn't say, but it would be interesting to know if she worked their at the time this incident occurred.

The Prodigal Brawler has more on the subject.

H/T to Owen Robinson and Spring City Chronicles.


  1. If they were suing because of their insurance company refused to pay for the medical costs, I can see the lawsuit.
    However, since they are suing for emotional distress for the parents, this lawsuit is a bunch of crap.
    Watch the hotel not light the fireplace again.

  2. Again, why is the Buchers' personal business your's or Owen's business? I noticed in Owen's post he said he was there when this horrible incident happened, yet he does not take the time to describe the location of the fireplace with scalding hot glass. This happened in a split second and it is wrong to have anything that can cause such serious injuries so easily accessible to a child. Their toddler touched the glass and her hands stuck to the glass. She didn't even have a chance to pull her hands off. You two "men" (capper and Owen) are pathetic.

  3. Uh, pardon me, but it is the parent's responsibility to ensure their children are watched and protected at all times.

    I suppose next you'll be telling us that it is wrong that roads are so easily accessible to children.

    It's "people" like you who blame teachers for the failure of children to behave and learn in class when the majority of the time the reason is inadequate parenting.

    And lastly, the Bucher's are news. By their actions they've made their actions everyone's business.