Friday, November 14, 2008

Sykes Whines Open Line

Just heard the teaser from Sykes on TMJ radio. He said that he is going to go after the Dan Shelley piece that appeared in Milwaukee Magazine.

I expect that Charlie will be holding true to some of the items pointed out by Mr. Shelley, especially the one about ripping into someone he knows won't be responding. (That is rather hypocritical since Charlie always had the opportunity to respond her, an opportunity he won't allow others on his site or his show, but is to scared that he may be confronted with the truth.)

Consider this to be your open line to respond to his lies, since he won't let you do it on his show. Just remember, you're responsible for your own comments, and we don't want to be sounding like the right wing lunatic fringe.


  1. I just listened to the podcast. Is he not self-aware enough to notice that his "discussion" of the excellent Milwaukee Magazine piece actually bolsters the points made in the article?

    Right wing Squawk Radio is truely the profession of the damned.

  2. I tried listening to Sykes once, and 15 minutes was about all I could stomach. Haven't listened since.

    I've given up calling in to local talk radio shows, too. It's much easier to torment them on Internet message boards where they aren't able to talk over us or cut us off.

  3. Anyone looking for a refreshing change of pace should try WMCS 1290AM in Milwaukee. Joel McNally co-hosts morning show 6-10am and Eric Von does 3-7pm. They take all callers and actually have a discussion with people. It's available online here.