Thursday, November 6, 2008

Fairness idea terrorizes radio talkers

Joel McNally on the Fairness Doctrine, which terrorizes the right-wing Republican talkers who dominate the airwaves:
Conservatives explain the total dominance of right-wing opinions on talk radio by claiming that right-wing personalities are somehow inherently more interesting and entertaining than anyone expressing views on the left. That doesn’t make any sense at a time when the intelligent, hilarious news satires of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert coming from the left are among the most popular shows on television.

It seems far more likely that half of America doesn’t even bother turning on commercial talk radio because they expect their intelligence to be insulted by simpleminded, right-wing rants up and down the dial.
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  1. Fine with me - as long as it applies to the televised news as well.

  2. Reality terrorizes radio talkers.

  3. Yes, please, please push the "Fairness Doctrine."

    The word "backlash" was created specifically for plans like that.

  4. This portion of McNally's article shows that he lacks intelligence. The fairness doctrine pertains to radio but yet he compares them with comedy TV shows. Apples and oranges.

  5. How, pray tell, does television news emulate the out off control nature of right wing squawk radio?

    It is that special brand of right-wing victimhood that justifies these circus freaks of the airwaves.

  6. On other thought.

    Tell us where we are talking about taking right wing talk radio off the air. We are just demanding equal time for opposite views.

    Why would any one be afraid off that?

    Just like they are terrorized about fairness in taxation.

  7. "Why would any one be afraid off that?"
    How about: Freedom of speech.
    Violation of the 1st amendment
    Butting into a business, where health and safety are not issues.
    Why just talk radio? Why not television, especially over the air television.

    I realize the liberals are not funny, creative enough and many people do not like their ideas, but why penalize a successful business because the other side is not capable to producing the same quality product?
    Besides, you do have equal time, if you want to. You can buy air time on WTMJ and WISN, if you want.
    The only benefit of the Fairness Doctrine would be seeing the folks at NPR squirm and cry and whine when they have to follow it. I would love to see Garrison Keilor(yes I listen to him every week), the news department, the talk shows, the game shows and just about every program at NPR that is liberal, have to follow the Fairness Doctrine. Now that would be funny.

  8. Speaking of angry, any comment on the shutdown of texasholdemblogger for a threat Peter made to the president-elect?

    I once that Peter claiming Jessica McBride was his "friend" and he has her as a friend on his facebook page. What's up with that?

  9. Dan,

    That would still not be equal time, unless they charge Charlie, Belling, and whoever else for the time they are on the air.

    What I find humorous is the fact that the right somehow think that presenting both sides of an issue is against their rights. It really points to what their motivation is. It is not truth or justice, it is just money and control.

  10. Dan, the news is simply reporting the news.

    If the facts bother you, don't blame the messenger.

    Harry Truman always said it best...

    "When someone says give 'em hell I reply I don't give 'em hell I just tell the truth and the Republicans think it's hell."

    Why should liberals buy time on TMJ when the Journal Company is basically giving it away for free to the Republican party.