Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Fred Dooley: The Epitome Of Hypocrisy

Shortly after the election, right wing blogger Peter DiGaudio made some outrageous comments on his site, Texas Hold'em Blogger, as well as some comments on Boots and Sabers, that could be considered to be criminal. This drew a rather large amount of criticism from the left, like the Prodigal Brawler and Zach, as well as some conservatives, like James Wigderson.

I chose not to write about it for a few reasons. One, I know Peter has a history of flying of the handle and saying irresponsible and totally unacceptable things. Secondly, I do believe, based on what I saw, and from what others have told me, that Peter does have a clinically diagnosable mental health issue. I have a different perspective than most, as that my training and my career is based on helping those with mental illness. Thirdly, with everyone else piling on him, both publicly and privately, I did not feel that I would have anything to add, and did not want to add to any issues Peter might have. Another major reason for my silence on the issue was simply that I had bigger fish to fry.

Well, Peter, in a fit of pique, chose to delete his entire site. A few days later, he came back with a new site. Badger Blogger and Fred Dooley both proudly announced it, but had never publicly denounced the original problematic posts and comments. This caused them a bit of grief, I'm sure. Again, I said nothing, because this was what I expected from them, unfortunately.

Dooley became so incensed with the criticism, that he felt compelled to put up a post explaining his actions. Now, for the uninitiated, Dooley is an extreme right wing blogger that has problems with polite interactions. His site, mistitled "Real Debate Wisconsin" is anything but that. Dooley has the tendency to use irresponsible rhetoric and over the top hyperbole from time to time as well.

He has also banned many people from his site, mostly for the sin of disagreeing with him. The most recent being another one of our prodigal contributors, Other Side.

Dooley also hates a lot of people, including yours truly. He has written many posts and comments attacking me personally and attacking this site. One of the many insults he flailed about in my general direction was that I am some sort of sexist, just because I had the audacity to disagree with Jessica McBride.

So, you can see, I was just amazed at the level of hypocrisy when Dooley wrote this:
In short, these complainers are the same people who don't seem to have any problem with similar speech from the left. If you'd like to see the local equivalent of Peter's work on the left, do a search for Blue Racine. That's a particularly vile and vulgar site that these same paragons of virtue complaining about myself, Peter and Patrick @ Badger Blogger have no issues at all with. Funny how an acerbic conservative bothers them yet they have no issues at all with acerbic lefties. I prefer to just ignore them, they are not worthy of any energy or effort on my part, I have enough to do.
Yup, Dooley, who had accused me of sexism for disagreeing with a woman, calls a site run by a woman vile and vulgar. Interestingly, one of the contributors at his site is also a contributor at Blue Racine. Perhaps it's just a jealousy issue. More likely it's hypocrisy.

Another funny thing is that none of his commenters found anything vulgar or vile about Blue Racine. In fact, many of the commenters remark that Fred's site is much, much worse than this site.

So, let's review.
  • He calls me sexist for disagreeing with McBride, but then attacks a woman, calling her site vile and vulgar.
  • The site he calls vile and vulgar is found by independent commenters to be anything but that, but do notice that his site is actually vile and vulgar.
  • He says that he ignores us terrible, terrible lefties, but felt that he had to respond.
  • He calls his site Real Debate, when he bans people for disagreeing with him.
About the only way Dooley could have been more hypocritical is by telling someone that they need to seek out mental health counseling.

And has an added bonus to his ridiculousness, we have another comment on Dooley's post from the (in)famous mickey/gus:

Allah-is-a-ok, isn't that far from the truth.
Libs have been known to burn the flag. Virulent strains of LIBTARD-ism still do.
Libs have been known to pretend that VIOLENT ISLAMOFASCISTS...(a "virulent strain" of Islam), are not a threat and need libs protection.
Libs are known to support groups and individuals that will not work and are a drain on society. They have "lot's of time" on their hands.

Lastly, Patriots support, defend and love America.
Libtards don't. They believe others should support, defend and love America. Libs want an America that is weak and full of lazy weak libtards.
And Allah-is-a-ok, thinks taxing those who have achieved is a bottomless LIBBY-BANK.
Libs want an America that is funded by successful people, and Libs want to punish the successful, because LIBS constituents are generally weak and not successful.
Thanks Allah-is-a-ok!


  1. Didn't The Badger Blog Alliance take down Peter's Texas Hold 'Em blog? That's what they had said.
    As far as banning the other Side. He/It is the Gus/Mickey of the left- vile, full of hatred, with the exception Gus/Mickey actually makes an arguement or 2. OS, on the other hand, just insults people.

  2. And yes, I did read some vile and vulgar things in Blue Racine.

  3. Oooh. Ouch. Danny-me-boy -- let's clarify one thing: I don't hate you. I'm fairly certain I don't dislike you. However, I do think your comments are some of the most misinformed, uneducated and immature I've ever read -- and -- I only insult you and Fred.

    Point me to anything hateful I've ever written to you. And -- Hateful would be questioning your sex or race, questioning whether you do it with a horse and obscene observations about stuttering Hispanics. Hateful is the abuse you heap on our eyes everytime you publish one of your comments. I'll be amused to see your efforts.

    I'm assuming also that you don't like Gus/Mickey from your comment -- yet I've yet to see anything from you complaining about his/their tripe. Or, are you just writing without thinking -- again.

    And, can you be more specific about the vile and vulgar things you saw at Blue Racine, or are you -- again -- pulling crap out of you know where.

    One more thing -- please note you have yet to be banned from any of the liberal sites for language that would surely have gotten you tossed at Fred's.

  4. Dan,

    BBA only removed his posting privs at that site, they don't have control of Peter's blog.

    The only thing vile and/or vulgar on Blue Racine is that picture of Fred.

    And I think we just learned Dan's last name. It's Kettle. So Mr. Kettle, have you met Mr. Pot yet?