Monday, April 27, 2009

About Those Tea Parties...

From Matt Pommer of The Daily Reporter:

Earlier this year national radio host Rush Limbaugh attracted attention, saying he hopes Obama “fails” in his presidency. While that wasn’t repeated at the Capitol rally, a reporter for the Wisconsin State Journal captured something more ominous: One man, who said he owned a ceramic tile business, carried a sign that said “Obama is the anti-Christ.”

“He (Obama) needs to go. This is the first and last warning he’ll get,” the man said.

That kind of implied threat might worry the Secret Service, but will it concern the radio talk show hosts as they seek ever-higher ratings?



  1. Seems like anytime a nut says something like that on talk radio he is cut off or censored, so your premise is wrong.
    Having said that, you do have to admit that Obama tries to portray to himself as a larger than life person who has a huge ego. whle most politicians have big egos, Obama tops most of them.

  2. " do have to admit that Obama tries to portray to himself as a larger than life person who has a huge ego.Actually, no. It is the right that portrays him that way in their desperation to remain relevant.

  3. "It is the right that portrays him that way in their desperation to remain relevant." it or not the people on the right are just as relevant as the people on the left, and for you to say a whole group of people aren't relevant is wrong.

    What you are saying is I'm not relevant, my husband isn't relevant, my daughter isn't relevant...etc. Who are you to tell people they aren't relevant?

    You know...even if I disagree with someone or even dislike a person I still try respect them as people who have the same rights as me in this world.

    Man alive...that comment really floors me.

  4. Then drop a pillow because there is more floor coming your way.

    You bet irrelevant. To act like people don't want health care, taxes raised on wealthier Americans and more gun management to name a few tells you how detached the right is in this country. Arlen Specter defecting to the Democrats kinda points that out.

    No one is insulting you. Grow some hide sir or steer clear of the blogs.

  5. Well, kr, good luck with Specter, he's yours now. But his defecting had more to do with winning the primary than anything else.

  6. KRS, Your comment resembles something like, "Of course we are the tolerant party. What kind of idiot question is that?" It'd be funny if it weren't so hypocritical. Can't you see that?

    Also, people may very well want health care. But crackheads want crack too, it doesn't mean it's what's best for them. People may very well want taxes raised on wealthy Americans, but it doesn't mean it's what's best for our economy. To imply that mob rule is what's best for this country kinda points out how dangerous it is to cast off the Right. Can't you see that?

  7. That's Rich, Rich. To say that people recognize when they are getting screwed by the health care system or upset when they see folks who are taking an awful lot from their companies really says you are just, plain, warped.

    Do I have your permission to run this as a separate post to demonstrate how nuts the far right is?

    And Dan, the defection tells us more about the party than it does Specter. The ideological purity fanatics are forcing people like Specter out. You can live with your shrinking party.

    Only an idiot could be smug about a situation like this.

  8. Anyone who supports keeping our health care system as-is has their head in the sand. I've got no shortage of great health care stories that just underscore why we need meaningful health care reform, and if you'd like to hear a few, just let me know.

  9. Anon, you are reading too much into it. Instead of relevance, try the word influence. It's the same way I meant it, but I might make it clearer.