Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sigmund McIlheran

Preview McIlheran notes that Marquette's nutty professor and occasional crusader, John McAdams, was able to twist a story of a young woman getting fired from an university-operated counseling center for refusing to treat a patient into a fantasy tale of religious persecution.

MJS's own Sigmund has a Freudian slip when he writes:
As it happens, she thinks engaging in homosexual thrills is destructive to individuals – that is, it is greatly immoral and, presumably, has eternal consequences.
If nothing else, this is a great argument for nationalized health care. After all, who wants a person like McIlheran, McAdams or the young woman deciding if you are worthy of being treated? I'd go with the equality every time, thank you very much.

As for the rest of their argument, a certain blogger who is devilishly witty and devastatingly handsome, and knows more about providing mental health services than all three of these people combined has more to say on the subject here.

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