Thursday, April 9, 2009

Paddy Is Anti-Business

Preview Paddy writes one of his long, drawn out, verbose essays trying to rationalize why we would need to expand I-94, even though all of the experts agree that there is no reason for it.

But his own paper, just a few days before, reported on the fact that it is already affecting businesses:
A mom and pop cheese castle is moving, and a neighboring cheese shop is closing, at Wisconsin's most visible cheese interchange to make room for a $1.9 billion freeway-widening project.

The Merkt family, of cheese spread fame, on Friday will close its Tim & Tom's Cheese Shop at the state Highway 142 exit of I-94 in Kenosha County.

They will liquidate more than 1,000 pounds of Wisconsin cheese and sausage - selling everything at half price - on the same day throngs of Chicago Cubs fans whiz past for the Brewers baseball home opener at Miller Park.

Why does Preview Paddy hate capitalism so much that he would rather see business go through the expense of an unnecessary move, if not out right be forced out of business?

In a related matter, go see Jay's post in which he risks his own sanity by trying to channel his inner McIlerhan, showing how weird Paddy's arguments can be:

It's interesting how it sounds so natural for him to defend an expansion of a highway that the DOT's own studies suggest will have no impact on congestion (but great impact on neighbors and the environment), but it sounds so weird for him to support the actual men and women doing the hard work of educating Wisconsin's neediest children.

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