Friday, April 3, 2009

Will Talk Radio Give Any Credit To Pres. Obama?

The following is a post by Dan Cody, author of Left on the Lake, as an open letter to the right wing talk radio hosts. It is reproduced her with full permission from Mr. Cody.

Dear conservative radio talk show hosts,

What happened to you spending massive amounts of airtime talking about how this was “Obamas economy” as recently as a few weeks ago and lambasting him for not “keeping his mouth shut!” which in your opinion was causing the markets to tank?

Has something changed in the last several weeks that’s caused you to abandon your rants about how President Obama would kill this economy and that the markets were clearly expressing their opinions on our new President and his financial policies in a negative way?

Like I said back then, I thought that up or down, it was kind of silly you were choosing to rip into the new President a few weeks into his administration by using the fickle Dow Jones industrial average as your “proof” that Wall Street had expressed their opinion about the new President, and it was an overwhelming “NO!”.

Anyways, since you spent so much time a month ago trying to make the point that because the markets were down that Obama was a failure, I thought you’d probably want to spend just as much time talking about how Pres. Obama must be a success now that the markets are moving up.

Fair, accurate and balanced and all, you’re probably dying to get this story out there.

All my best,



  1. Tell that to the 8.5% unemployed people and the 1 million + workers who have been laid off since Obama took office.

  2. Thanks Dan. I feel smarter already.

  3. Glad to have raised your IQ from that of a pile of manure to a toadstool.

  4. Nice to see after about 20 of these Dan you finally worked up a rejoinder.

  5. You're right, Dan. Obama, being the supernatural deity, traveled back in time and set Bush's policy eight years ago, just to make him look good now.