Friday, April 3, 2009

Charlie's Big Chance To Shine

For weeks, well, actually for years, Charlie Sykes has been blaming unions for all of the evils in the world.

He's blamed the auto workers unions for the downfall of the Big Three, even though it is the executives pulling in millions in just bonuses for a business design that did not keep up with the real world.

He's blamed the government workers unions for high taxes, while defending AIG and other big company executives for taking taxpayer monies to give themselves obscene raises and million dollar office renovations.

Charlie's blamed unions for just about everything from higher taxes to the recession to Adam and Eve getting kicked out of the Garden of Eden. Heck, I bet Charlie would acknowledge the reality of global climate change just so he could blame that on the unions too.

But now here is Charlie's big chance to put his money where his mouth his. His parent company, Journal Communications, is in financial straits, and they need his help (emphasis mine):
The pay cuts and time off affect executives, managers, market managers, supervisors, as well as corporate staff. The company is also asking on-air broadcast talent and most union employees to negotiate payroll reductions.
I fully expect Charlie to give up at least 25% of his salary so that his colleagues and coworkers can keep their jobs, so people can still afford to buy the paper, or a car to drive while they listen to his nonsensical bashing of the unions.

It shouldn't be so hard for Sykes to do. After all, he was just recently bragging about his big contract extension.

C'mon, Charlie! It's time to put up or shut up! Give up a big old chunk of your swollen salary and show us how it's done.

Or are you just an empty, hypocritical windbag?


  1. occaisinally snarkyApril 3, 2009 at 10:32 AM

    "Or are you just an empty, hypocritical windbag?"

    *making intorductions*

    Kettle may I introduce you to Pot.

    Pot, this here's a Kettle.

  2. Big difference. capper deals in facts.

  3. Might want to dial this down. Sykes has already agreed to rework his contract.