Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Stay Awake People -- Walker Is Running for Governor

In a not too brilliant PR move, Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker announced his dead from day one race for Governor on Charlie Sykes program this morning at 8:30. Obviously Sykes couldn't wait to get this out of the way but hey, the shoulder is always there for the right wing to cry on when the rest of the population says means things.

If I were to advise his campaign, it could be pointed out that this venue was not a good idea. Admittedly Sykes' voice pours into ears throughout the state because many have welded their dials to pick up the Brewers. Can't beat the coverage.

But what doesn't work here is Scott Walker is running to be governor of all of the state of Wisconsin, and to kick this thing off on the program of one of the most polarizing, hard right personalities in all of the state doesn't say big tent to the 80% of the people who do not adhere to Americans for Prosperity notions. More like pup tent.

The AP story that warned us about the announcement called this one of the worst kept secrets in recent politics. So that makes the second worst kept secret that Walker stands no hope of winning the GOP nomination. Good news for Milwaukee, which for the past seven years had to be his warm act for this flight of the Hindenburg.

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