Sunday, April 12, 2009

If A Squawker Squawks In The Woods...

... and no one's around to listen, do they make a sound?

Apparently not.

The sagacious Paul Soglin on the matter of squawk radio:
Just as the national talk radio pundits marginalized themselves, so have Milwaukee's drive time extremists. The only audience they influence is the one that agrees with them. They have little opportunity for growth, and it is clear that when the undecided public is provided an alternative viewpoint Belling and Sykes are ineffectual.


  1. Coming from Paul Soglin, that's pretty rich. And how big is his audience? Something tells me if he ever attempts talk radio, he'll be a total flop.

  2. Thanks again, Dan. Man, I feel really good about myself thanks to you.

  3. Dan, have you been paying to the last three years of elections?

  4. Despite the size of Sykes' sheep audience he is reaching only 7% of the electorate, who then later tune to the ranting three year old at WISN. Make that an aging audience.