Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Found It!

In today's editorial column, Patrick "Preview*" McIlheran starts out with this line:
Anastasios Tsonis is not a lunatic, and no serious person says he is.
A friend of Whallah! pointed out in an email that if one does a Google search of the words "Tsonis" and "lunatic", one would find that the only person that did make that comparison is McIlheran. The others are just the echo chamber showing their lack of original thought.

The said friend of Whallah! pointed out that McIlheran was creating another strawman. Well, of course, this is the only type of entity that he has the intellectual capacity of beating.

*Yep, he previewed this one as well. And they wonder why the MSJ may be facing a third round of layoffs which they call euphemistically call "buyouts."

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