Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Know Them By The Company They Keep

Who is excited by the upcoming Tea Parties?

The Storm Front folks are optimistic.
...estimates are there could be 100's across the country. What's so encouraging is that the organizers and participants are pre-dominantly whites. The remnants of traditional 1950's. Old white America. The historical, traditional population.

Might prove to be signifigant. Might be a meaningless last gasp. Have to see how it plays out. I'm going to take the day off and attend the local one, carrying my Gadsden flag. Encourage others to do the same. Hopefully the beginning of a sense of ethno-centrism.

This guy too. Note that the comment was edited by him for spelling.
Hope to be attending one in Effingham, IL

If your going to be there, let me know
Red an yellow, black ain't right, you are only loved if you're white...
Nothing is as simple as it seems, if you must ask, your already lost.
Everything you post here can and will be sifted through to use against you.... :(
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These guys see the tea parties as a logical first step to secession.
Starting a civil war at this time would just defeat everything we are doing. Obama has only been in office a few months. There is already a change going on in that small amount of time. You might not think the tea parties are doing any good, but you will notice they are getting bigger and bigger.

Truth is that the tea parties have become a dumping ground for all sorts of free-floating angst amongst the losers from the last elections. The tax dodge is silly on its surface given that the current administration is looking for a return to tax rates lower than Reagan's.

These GOP influenced, astroturf financed convocations are meant to stir the masses. Nothing more. By this time tomorrow the silliness will have passed and Reince Preibus can go back to preparing for the next GOP soiree in Pewaukee. Paul Ryan can go back to being a footnote to the governance process in Washington and Vicki McKenna can go back to making lame jokes on AM Radio.

Much self-congratulation will be undertaken. Little will have changed. WIN still won't have their ducks in a row. Barack Obama will carry on undoing the travesty of the Bush II presidency. Malkin will declare victory and Beck will still be nuts. Ain't Democracy grand?


  1. Ahh, nothing like playing the race card, grumps.

  2. See, Dan, when the words get all crinkly like that and get indented that means it's a quote from somebody else. If you see racism in their language you should take it up with them.

  3. Doesn't Dan just make you feel smarter all over.

  4. Well, Tim, you are no smarter than the stuff that comes out of a baboon's butt after eating 10 boxes of prunes.

  5. Did you ever notice that when Dan turns to insulting he spells every word correctly? And I can't help but wonder how Dan has such intimate knowledge about the stuff that comes out of a baboon's butt (after prune eating). Been doing a little teabagging, Dan?