Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Suck Up Gentlemen!

Gotta love how once the right wing gets a dumbassed idea stuck in their heads, like the teleprompter bit they are attempting to do on Barack, they come down with lockjaw.

The reason why this doesn't work is everybody knows how inept their president was in front of crowd or a press conference. I doubt if there will be a daily desk calendar of Obama miss-speaking as there were for Bush, creating this niche of the publishing industry.

And then of course there was the celebrated receiver not-to-well hidden underneath W's suit jacket during his debate with Kerry.

But now that they have this chew toy, the right wing won't let go of it despite the bad taste it will eventually leave.

For an example of this syndrome, look at the catch-phrase commedy over at Sykes' site which stands in for creativity -- "Hot Read," "You Stay Classy (Name Here)," "Shut Up (He/She) Explained," ad nauseum.

Now we have the oh so clever Tea Party they will be holding across the country to protest the government we all elected.

Again, it doesn't work.

There is an aristocracy as in 1773. It's called corporate America. Unelected, though now more and more in the hands of government thanks to the ineptitude of these masters of the universe.

Don't get me wrong. There is a place for corporations, but they should be here for us, not the other way around as fancied by the right wing.

Stick these guys led by Americans for Selective Prosperity (ASP) in a time machine and send them back to pre-revolutionary Boston. No doubt with their perspectives, they wouldn't be dumping the tea. They'd be drirnking it.


  1. "There is a place for corporations, but they should be here for us, not the other way around..."

    Prove it. I'm all ears.

    Or at least please be so kind to explain further what you meant, so I don't mistakenly assume the wrong things.

  2. For you, a dedication --

  3. Whew...Keith, try asserting a point then supporting that point with commentary, facts, opinion, humor, something...anything. This post reads more like the blathering of someone 10 seconds away from falling asleep under the dentist's laughing gas.