Tuesday, January 20, 2009

America Weighs Anchor and Sets Sails

By Keith R. Schmitz

A black man will be residing in a house built by slaves and millions have given him a warm welcome on an icy day.

As we speak the old ideas and tired dogmas are being hacked away. Now we get busy. The strings that have tethered the ideas and energy are being snipped and will allow them to be aloft.

All we care about now is what works.

The train is rolling on and everyone is urged to jump on board.


  1. Gee Keith. Since you are a BDS survivor I find your post ironic. As soon as Obama is in office, we should support the new president? Did you support Bush when he was elected in 2000? I kind of think not.
    I wish Obama well, but will not support his liberal policies. At least that is better than the BDS suffer's treatment of Bush.

  2. Dan, I pulled together behind push like many Democrats did after 9/11 because it was the right thing to do. Would that have happened with the same percentage of righties if it was a President Gore? I highly doubt it.

    Too bad the Bush administration pissed all over that support by using the excuse of the tragedy to push every conservative wet dream they ever had.

    And don't forget, Obama was the clear winner of this election.