Monday, January 12, 2009

Make That A Sexist Boor

Zach showed us a spot in which Kevin Fischer once again proves himself to be a boor.

Fischer now has another post up which shows that he is not just a boor, but a sexist boor (emphasis mine):
Nursing moms are in a tizzy. They want to breast-feed.

Go ahead.

They want to have pictures taken of them doing so, and they want to be able to show you those pictures on their Facebook accounts on the Internet.

Sorry, sweetheart, but not everyone wants to see that. And not everyone wants to see you breast-feeding wherever you darn well feel like it.
Sorry, Kevin. I know you think you're all that and a bag of chips, but all you are is just another sexist boor.

Why does Lazich keep him around? Is this who she wants representing her to the public?


  1. So, you are saying Facebook should allow the pictures? Gee, then maybe we can say anything we want on your blog. Whether it is considered offensive or not. And I guess there are no sexual predators out there who like to read Facebook.
    For the record, I have never been seen the Facebook page.

  2. Gee, Dan, did you missed the emphasized part? The one where Fischer condescendingly calls the women "sweetheart".

    That is like in the old days when men thought that a woman's place was barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen, or would swat the waitress in the butt.

    That is the sexist part. Or do I have to draw you a picture?

  3. Draw him a picture!

    Wouldn't do any good, though.

  4. "Now... I'll say it... What the hell is going on with Michelle?
    Could there be a correlation between the towel she's wearing and the chip she's eating? And before you all start tripping on me, remember, Hillary showed hers first!"
    Now considering the pictures you showed. That can be called sexist as well. Double standards? Come on, your humor is much better than this post.

  5. Dan, don't feel obliged to answer every post whether you have something to say or not.

    It's OK.

  6. Uh, Keith,I don't. Wait, is this a trick post?

  7. Fischer should be careful. I hear they usually travel in pairs.

  8. I'm going to sidestep this a little bit and ask why Facebook cares. Many of the pictures posted on their site already have a crack or a crotch or more cleavage than Dolly.

    A hundred years ago I nursed the kids whenever they were hungry. I tried to be discrete, but the little critters often had moves that made it less than. In a world where Owen Robinson can show monkeys jacking off at the zoo on his blog, why in the world would we care about a photo of a nursing mom?

    PS - isn't Fischer pregnant for the first time? I wonder how his views will change.

  9. Really?
    The word "sweetheart" is the offensive word or
    I can see an honest debate about facebook and the pics, but to the untra sensitive PC crowd THIS is what is important...okay then..