Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Squawkers Rally Around Walker

As the Chief points out, Kevin Fischer has spent an inordinate amount of the time trying to pucker up to the Milwaukee County Executive. In fact, the right wing echo chamber is putting out the rally cry to come and support their fearless and clueless leader, which is all being spurred on by Orville Seymour:
Why is it that the left is very good at rallying around a cause or a candidate yet the right allows there causes and candidates (Scott Walker) to sit out there all alone and fend for themselves?

Yesterday, the left (Milw. County labor unions) held a rally to denounce Scott Walker for not taking Federal stimulus money and there is talk that they are gearing up for a Recall effort against Walker. I have not heard a single word from any conservative about this or an effort to stand up for Walker and his principles.

I think we all know in out heart of hearts that what Walker is doing or not doing in this case is the right thing to do, even if we don't completely understand all of the economic principles behind his decision. So why is it that conservatives are so reluctant to stand up for Walker and his principles?”
Well, gee, Orville, do you think it is because people are starting to see that Walker is not interested in saving their tax dollars, or preserving the quality of life that Milwaukee County deserves. Or that people are sick of Walker taking their hard earned tax dollars and giving it to his cronies instead of providing services like he is supposed to be doing.

If you want to really know the truth about what is happening regarding Walker, I would suggest that the gentle reader to these fine sites:

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and of course, my other castle, Cognitive Dissidence.

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  1. Walker may have fallen off a tipping point purely of his construction.

    In other words, he did this to himself.