Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Gwen Moore under fire; Who's got her back?

Congresswoman Gwen Moore deserves a Profile in Courage award for being one of only five House members willing to vote against a one-sided resolution on Gaza that essentially blames all of the violence on Hamas and gives Israel a free pass.

Predictably, Moore was roasted on Republican talk radio, which has never met a war it didn't like.

She's no doubt feeling somewhat beleagured for doing the right thing. Contact her here to let her know others agree that both sides must stop the bloodshed and share the responsibility for the deaths of innocent civilians.


  1. So, being anti-semitic is ok with you?

  2. Actually, Arabs are Semites too. So either way, it's anti-Semitic.

  3. Because Moore takes a stand that happens to be contrary to others on this issue, she becomes anti-semitic? Isn't that the same argument conservatives used for anyone who opposed the Iraq war -- traitors?

    Does that mean the United States is anti-semitic because it refused to enable an attack on Iranian nuclear reactors by Israeli jets?

    Come on, Dan. Think before you type.

  4. OS, did you read the resolution? Then I guess Tammy Baldwin is a coward.

  5. I did read the resolution. What's your point? And, why are you singling out Tammy Baldwin?

    I happen to agree that the response of the Israeli military has been disproportionate. Palestinian children have a right to live in a world far from gunfire, bombings and tank warfare. And, I also agree that Israel's children have the right to not worry whether death will come crashing down from the sky.

    It's a sad, evil situation that will never be brought to an end with the use of violence. Both sides are too invested in hate, unfortunately.

    You seem to have bought into the hate, too, with your comments, Dan.

    That was my point.

  6. Hate? And this is from the person who is full of hate? Wow! Boy, talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

  7. What is proportionate? I'm not a fan of violence, obviously, but HOW is Israel supposed to get Hamas to stop? Perhaps the UN could send peace-keeping troops? What is the answer here?


  8. What hate, Dan? I call you on your misinformation and suddenly that's hate. Sounds like you're playing that ol' conservative victim game.

    I asked you a couple of simple questions. Why are you singling out Tammy Baldwin? Is it a gay thing for you?

    You haven't answered capper's point about anti-semites.

    Is the US anti-semitic because we won't enable an assault by Israel? It would appear to be considering your previous statement.

    From previous comments you've made, I've questioned whether the school district in Las Vegas was wise to hire you as a teacher. Your comments show you to be lazy regarding facts and use of grammar. Neither negative attribute much good for teaching. I've stated that I'm glad you don't teach in the school district where my children attend school. If I were on the hiring committee and decided not to hire you, would you consider that action hateful?

    So far, what's hateful? Everything I've written has a basis in fact.

    What is hateful is when you go off calling people cowards, anti-semites, idiots, morons, etc. All which you have stated in the past.

    So, you can write what you want about me, I suspect it won't get far -- especially on this blog. You do know I contribute to this blog (though not as much lately, sorry capper). But go ahead, Dan, knock yourself out.

  9. What is proportionate? I'm not a fan of violence, obviously, but HOW is Israel supposed to get Hamas to stop?

    Hey Mixter. Long time no read.

    Your question is exactly the problem. Until a majority of people on both sides of the fence determine that enough is enough, there will be no peace.

  10. Why single out Tammy Baldwin: She is one of the most liberal House members- nothing more than that. I would have said Kagen, but i think he missed the vote due to surgery.
    Even when you deny you are an angry person, you come and show your anger, OS. You really are a piece of work.

  11. Whatever, Dan. Since I don't take you seriously, I'm not concerned.