Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Concrete Thinking of James T. Harris

James T. wanted us to know just how he felt during Inauguration Day.

First, in the morning, he shows real (lack of) class:

This is the heart of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s vision. Content of character triumphant in a colorblind society. To say that today’s inauguration of Barack Obama is the culmination of Dr. King’s dream is to spit on that great man’s vision.

If anything, today's coronation of America's first black prince is the triumph of skin color over Dr. King's stated characteristics, and he would be sickened by the celebration.

As am I.

At noon, it's more than a little bit more than a different story, in which he congratulates President Obama.

Later in the day, after the medication wears off, and the madness returns, it's back to bashing and blasphemy.

Indeed, James has a mind like concrete: All mixed up and firmly set.

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