Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ye olde double standard

The Brew City Brawler reports that Chuckie Sykes and Paddy Mac are very disappointed in the way liberals dis (it feels so good to write this) EX-President G.W. Bush.

How disrespectful, singing "Na, na, na, na ... Goodbye." Some even booed him -- and innocent, saintlike EX-Vice President Dick Cheney, too. Imagine!

I'm trying to find the posts where they condemned the yahoos at the McCain-Palin rallies who were reportedly yelling what would be the equivalent of "Kill Whitey" if applied to Bush.

So far they haven't turned up.


  1. x-off, those quotes have been discredited. Maybe that't the reason why they don't mention it.
    Get your facts straight before you look foolish.

  2. Dan-

    They booed Obama at McCain's concession speech. They booed him at almost every rally.

    There are videos of people standing outside of these rallies make ignorant statements, based solely on Obama's skin color.

    At least the Dems have solid reasons of Bush's behaviors that would cause them to boo.

  3. Of course they booed Obama at McCain's concession speech. That's politics. I am sure Obama's people booed McCain plenty of times as well. So what? That's not what x-off said. And you probably don't want to go there considering what the liberals did to Bush on Tuesday.
    I looked for the videos of the racist behavor on Google and couldn't find any. Care to share?

  4. One



    The third one is the best example. And it only took me two minutes to pull these up.

  5. Capper, that is the best you can come up with?
    Video one: You don't if he is a Republican or Democrat or if that was taken at a McCain/Palin rally.
    Video 2 is of racist Democrats!!!!
    Video 3 certainly shows idiocy but if that video is racist, then it certainly more sexist by the interviewer's comments.
    I don't equate using one's name and equating that to a terrorist as racist. Stupid, yes, especially in the heat of the battle and it is tame compared to what the left called McCain.
    However, if you do think it's racist, it certainly does not come close to what x-off said. He said the someone in the crowd said Kill him, referring to Obama. That has been investigated and it has been discredited.
    X-off lied, plain and simple and should retract what he wrote, otherwise he is just another left wing Bush hater who is as dumb as some of those interviewed on your videos.

  6. I guess I would be curious to see an authoritative source where this was "discredited."

    The Secret Service could not confirm it. A newspaper reporter who wrote about it stands by his story.

    And there are plenty of examples of other abusive behavior toward Obama, whether "kill him" or some other vile shouts.

    Still looking for an example of Sykes of McIlheran having one critical word to say about any of it.

  7. As usual, the item you cite, that a person yelled "kill Him" is unfounded. What a shock.
    Will now please retract what you posted?

  8. It would be nice if you provided a link that actually worked, Dan.

    Here are five that add confusion. Though the Secret Service says they think the incident in Pennsylvania didn't occur, that's not the same as saying it definitely did not. And, there are quite a few who say it did.


    btw: Pretty hateful of you in your references to Xoff. It's why no one takes you seriously.

  9. The link I provided said the report was unfounded. Why it didn't work for you, I don't know. Try googling it.
    I really don't care if the left takes me serious or not, just as I am sure you are not, Tim, offended when we don't take you seriously as well.