Friday, January 23, 2009

What's The Matter With A Little Decorum?

Jeff Wagner and Charlie Sykes have been having their fits of selective outrage over the Appellate Court's ruling on the sentencing of a drug dealer. The issue at hand is that former Judge Joseph Wall used what could conceivably consider racially derogative language towards the black defendant and his girlfriend, who wasn't even on trial.

Illy T has more here and here on why Charlie and Jeff are wrong, not that this is unusual or will slow them down.

The prodigal Brawler, who must not like us anymore, has more to say on this subject, as well as Sykes ridiculing and elderly minister's prayer for racial harmony. He ends with this:

"A reasonable observer." A description that excludes Charlie Sykes (who, by the way, has three baby mamas).

Sykes (who, given he has three baby mamas, is the moral guardian of Milwaukee) went on to draw bigger lessons from this. Obama's called for a new era of responsibility -- but these elite women have undercut that.

Sykes (file under: three baby mamas) said the core of this ruling is that "if you're a white man, shut up." Adding: "Sooner or later the black community will get around to talking about personal responsibility."

Personal responsibility. Did I say Sykes -- another racial grievance merchant who apparently laments he can't blast the African American community in terms more strident than he already uses (that's what James T. Harris is for!) has three baby mamas?

My question is simply this: Why is asking too much that we expect that professionals and people in authority, like judges, to show a little decorum and treat people like people, whether they think they deserve it or not?

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