Sunday, January 4, 2009

If All Else Fails, Make Stuff Up

The title must be also a plaque on PaddyMac's desk, given his string of writings. One of the latest includes where he tries to refute a post by Keith Schmitz, who is a contributor here as well as a co-contributor in Jay Bullock's cast of thousands.

At folkbum's, Keith has a post which highlights how traditional conservative principles contributed to the current economic crisis. He further points out that now we are neck deep in this economic quagmire, the right wingers has finally found it in their hearts to share - the blame, that is.

PaddyMac, who oddly will name Keith, but not folkbum's, misstates what Keith wrote, describing it has being anti-capitalism. This is rather funny, as that Keith is, himself, a businessman who benefits from the principles of capitalism. But apparently, the truth of Keith's situation, much less the actual context of Keith's post, would not fit into the strawman that Paddy was building, so he just decided to make up his own facts.

Furthermore, Paddy's arguments range from blaming Carter, who has been out of office for thirty years, to advocating for more of the same, plus some. If Paddy were a doctor, and you saw him because you broke your thumb with a hammer, he'd tell you to hit it with a sledge hammer.

The biggest question that comes to mind is, if the MJS is so strapped for money that they have to reduce staff, reduce the size of the paper, and increase their rates, why are they still paying Paddy?

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  1. Capper, glad to see Paddy has made me a legend.

    Thanks for stick up for one of your subjects.

    I hope to have a rejoinder soon.