Thursday, January 22, 2009

James Stays Classy

James T. must be missing his fifteen minutes of fame when he was promoted nationally as the fool he is.

In a desperate effort to regain national attention, he gives us this:

Well, now we get to deal with a couple of new firsts. First black President, first black presidential flub up of the Presidential oath. First President to acknowledge non-believers as a religious group.

This can’t be good. How do we know they used a Bible at the do-over and not a Koran? Hey, I’m just asking!

Update: Obama didn’t use the Bible or the Koran! Oh shiggedy! Another first? Which swearing in should count? The one with the Bible or the one without?

First of all, would someone kindly point out to James that John Roberts is the white Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, not a black president?

Secondly, would someone please tell me how Obama can be a Muslim, which reject the teachings of Christ, and at the same time, have gone to one of those hateful Christian churches for 20 some years? It's one or the other, unless your schizophrenic. Then you can believe in both, I guess.


  1. The part of the discussion over Obama's religion that is often left out is so what if he is a Muslim, I don't believe that, but what are they really saying when they say he is a Muslim? Is the argument that all Muslims are terrorists or something? Does being Muslim disqualify someone from being the President?

  2. I would also like James to tell me where in the Constitution it requires the use of a Bible for swearing-in.

  3. I think They were always suggesting that Obama was a secret Muslim, and that he would burst forth after he was elected.

  4. Oh yeah, almost forgot. "Hit 'em where it hits."