Thursday, January 29, 2009

Put Xoff On TMJ!! - Update

Last night, I stated that TMJ radio should put Xoff on the air instead of Charlie.

It has kicked off a reaction that I didn't even dare to hope for. First of all, Jason Haas has jumped aboard with the plan.

And better than even I predicted, Xoff didn't even have to go on the air to start getting the right wing in a tizzy. Kevin Binversie is so upset at even the suggestion of putting in a knowledgeable person on the air that he had blog about it, using capital letters and everything. Oh, and Kevin, we know that Charlie is not the mastermind of the GOP. He is only a tool that the masterminds use to give you your marching orders.

And most significantly, it forced Charlie to take a sudden contract offer to stick around a while. I am sure that the thought of putting Xoff on instead of Charlie allowed TMJ management to really low ball the contract. Charlie may not even have gotten enough to match the rising cost of hair spray, even when bought in bulk amounts.

To expand from yesterday's list of why Xoff would be better we must had that not only is Xoff more knowledgeable, more politically connected, more politically savvy, but he is also better looking. And he has his good looks without using enough hair spray on a daily basis as to threaten the ozone layer.

And if that wasn't enought to sell you on the idea, keep in mind that Xoff also had been on the year for a couple of years, but he knows how to take EVERY caller, which is exponentially better than Sykes' track record.

Almost forgot to mention, Xoff is also a Vietnam veteran. Charlie, well, he got a nasty papercut once.

As a side note to Charlie: You brag about being around to get kicked around a lot longer. Well, it just so happens that I have given lifetime contracts to all of my co-authors, along with a lifetime supply of boots.

If anyone else wants to join in the fun, I'll give you a new pair of boots too! Just email me. And I'm looking at you Chief.


  1. I take my marching orders from Sykes...fascinating.

    I'll keep that in mind the next time he pretty much steals a post from me w/o linking to my blog, or uses anything I write as a show topic w/o giving me credit.

    Good to see you have a firm understanding on how things work, this state would be lost without all of you. But thanks for spelling my name right!

  2. No, Kevin, Chuckles is only one of the tools that the orders are channeled through.

    As for your last name, to be honest, it took me three tries. :)

  3. This is fun, but the person who really does deserve a show on a station with a bigger audience is Eric Von, who's on 3-7 p.m. weekdays on WMCS, 1290 AM.

    Eric takes every caller, actually listens to them, lets them have their say, and when he disagrees does it in a respectful way.

    It would be a refreshing change from, say, Jeff Wagner, just to pick a name out of the air.

    Tune in Eric Von. And, 6-10 weekday mornings, try Joel McNally and Cassandra Cassandra on the Morning Magazine. You'll get a whole different idea of what talk radio can be like.