Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Belling: Sexist As Well As Racist

Mark Belling, well known for his racist rants, including the infamous "wetback" comment, has found a new demographic to discriminate against: women.

On his radio program today, he referred to women who breast feed their babies as "sows."

Apparently, he caught the wrath of most of Milwaukee, as he should have. From Dan Cody:

Even women calling in to his show today who identified themselves as “conservatives” were outraged at the outrageous statements of WISN’s “premier” talk radio show host. And rightfully so.

Why a single middle aged man who has no family (that I know of at least) thinks he’s qualified to provide commentary about something as personal as breast feeding and it’s effect on women, their children and their families is beyond me. Why that kind of person thinks they can make such an offensive comparison and then try to cover it up is even a bigger question.

Read Dan's whole post, include the audio from the show, at his site, Left on the Lake.


  1. previously, when a baby died after her mother breast fed the baby on the summerfest grounds, he called the mother a "sow." this was ONE DAY after she lost her baby.

  2. it's hard to believe belling is so sensitive about viewing breasts when hisfavorite hangout is victor's.