Monday, February 2, 2009

Why Paddy Became A Journalist

Shorter version: As bad as his writing skills are, his math skills are even worse.

Paddy wrote a weak attempt at justifying Scott Walker's refusal to do his job regarding the public assistance call center. Paddy tries to paint it as being a matter of political ideology.

What it really is is a matter of is basic arithmetic. Walker wants to privatize everything he can, including the call center. But the law states that only government workers can have access to the computer systems that contain the data that needs to be read or updated.

As I've explained numerous times, the most recent being last night, Walker's solution is to have 10 UWM employees do this work, and a couple dozen people who would be glorified receptionists that would only answer phones and take message. This is opposed the to the County Board's original proposal to have 30 county workers who could answer the phone AND do the necessary computer work. The price for either plan is the same, as that the UWM workers would be paid much more than the county workers are being paid.

Seeing how Paddy has a hard time seeing that 30 workers is better than 10, it is no wonder he became a journalist. He has no math skills. I just wonder who helps him count the words in his columns.

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