Sunday, February 8, 2009

In Paddy's Pretend Land

From my other home, Cognitive Dissidence, a post I wrote about PaddyMac's fertile, if warped, imagination:
Last week, Patrick McIlheran, right wing propagandist for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, wrote a sententious little column in which he dreams what it would be like to be an actual journalist. His first interview would be with the enigmatic figure of the state government, and how he would deftly point them out to be fraudulent political pawns trying to make his superhero, Scott "the Weasel" Walker look like a fool.

The biggest problem with PaddyMac's column is that he is as short on the facts as he is long on the imagination. After all, who would ever be so gullible as to confuse old Paddy of even being close to a journalist or a truth-teller?
Read the rest here.

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