Thursday, February 26, 2009

Not Just For The Week

The Shepherd Express finally got around to naming Charlie Sykes as their Jerk of the Week:

Our Jerk of the Week is talk-show host Charlie Sykes, who either just doesn’t get it or just doesn’t want to get it. The world is in the worst economic crisis since the 1930s, and our new president has acted swiftly to address the issue with a strong stimulus package. Put simply, a stimulus package needs to get money into the economy so that goods and services are produced and people are employed. In turn, those people spend their salaries and create even more jobs. If people were paid to dig a hole and bury a newspaper, it would have the same stimulus impact because these shovelers would then spend their wages and create more jobs. If we are going to spend $787 billion, obviously we would like to get some real benefits for the money. This requires a variety of programs to quickly and effectively get the money working in the economy and addressing real needs. Economists across the political spectrum understand that direct government expenditures are far more effective than tax cuts because a portion of the tax cuts will not be spent. Actually, any college freshman taking Macroeconomics 101 understands this as well. But not Charlie Sykes, who is still arguing that this package will not stimulate the economy because it is a variety of Democratic programs. Charlie either doesn’t understand Economics 101 or he does and chooses to misinform his listeners. So, Charlie, are you dumb or just a liar?

Charlie was joking about it on his show this morning, asking if he got a plaque or something.

Well, since we know Charlie is so insecure, and needs these little doodads to have any sense of worth, the artists at Whallah! thought they would oblige by making a little sign for him, via Obamicon.Me:

He can hang it on the wall of his cubicle, along with the other "prize" he has earned:


  1. Wow, they have some good comedy writers over at the Sheperd Express. That, or the mind altering drugs they are taking really skew their view of reality.

  2. more jerklike behavior was reported by the shephard when sykes posted a message on line praising his latest book without identifying himself, thus making it appear as if he was an objective reader.