Friday, February 27, 2009

Fischer should know this "No-No": Don't challenge bloggers backed with facts

A few days ago Capper wrote about how Kevin Fischer, the self-proclaimed "Star of Television, Radio, and the Blogs", was being deep fried by Franklin bloggers. Today, the frying only gets worse. One of those bloggers, Janet Evans, has had the recent "last laugh" relating to the case against Franklin Mayor Tom Taylor in Milwaukee County Circuit Court.

While the Journal Sentinel/FranklinNOW were quick to note that the case was dismissed by the Court, Evans was quick to provide facts that it's nowhere near being done. Naturally, Fischer jumped on the JS/NOW bandwagon and proclaimed Taylor's innocence, and in the meantime attempted to make Evans his newest punching bag.

You probably won't hear anything out of Fischer's blog anytime soon relating to the updates to the Taylor case. The news just came out on FranklinNOW that proves that, in fact, Evans was right on the money with her facts. Meanwhile, "This Just In": Fischer didn't break another story in Franklin.


  1. Welcome to the team Greg. Good start on finding your spot as well.

    Fischer will never admit he is wrong though. It would take too much fortitude, which he sorely lacks.

  2. Rather than admit he's wrong, Kevin Fischer would rather ignore the fact that he was wrong.