Sunday, February 22, 2009

Deep Fried Fischer

I almost feel sorry for Kevin Fischer.

The man must be feeling an incredible amount of stress right now.

He has a baby on the way, that should be do anytime now.

He and his boss have been named the worst legislator and secretary in the state capitol.

To top it off, his abrasive personality has alienated all of his former friends and allies. This is evidence by the spat going on between Fischer and Fred Keller, and Fischer and Janet Evans. These spats are so far out of it, I couldn't do it any real justice, but the Chief already has, so I don't have to.

To add to his stress, he has his old young nemesis, Greg Kowalksi, making observations of the problems here and here. Even members of the community are fed up with the Fumbling Fisher and his bumbling boss, as evidence by this comment thread.

Yup, I think Fischer is being deep fried in a high pressure cooker. Why? Cause he is starting to crack like a nut. He has recommended the writing of a woman who would take away your civil rights to vote, if you happen to be poor. He thinks that he can hold Governor Doyle responsible for something that he said five years ago, before the fiscal crisis that his party led us to. Meanwhile, Fischer cannot be consistent for more than five minutes.

The most frightening, is this bit of psychosis:

Frightening to watch someone lose the little bit of mental acuity they once had, isn't it?

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