Sunday, February 8, 2009

Those Classy Conservatives

Again demonstrating that they are the faction of hypocrisy, the right wing strikes again.

Example 1: Remember, during the election, how the right wing would love to try to put doubt in people's minds about Obama's patriotism, based solely on whether he wore a flag pin on his lapel?
Well, patriotism is now passe, as Tom McMahon shows us in his over-the-top fear of peace and prosperity.

Example 2: This one comes via Zach at Blogging Blue, who highlights Peter DiGaudio's continuing violations of Godwin's Law. Perhaps it's his own Aryan beliefs that Peter is projecting.

Example 3: The sexist post by The Asian Badger, who calls Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi the c-word. I thought that was a no-no. Oh, right, you can do if you are on the right - how did I ever forget. Also worth noting are the two (at the time of this post), who are also right wingers and have no issue at all with it.

And these people wonder why no one takes their whinings and attacks seriously. It's not the culture - it's the hypocrisy.


  1. Let's see if Sykes devotes an hour (and a blog post) to ripping into one of his own.

  2. Stunning. I met the author of Asian Badger at James W's birthday party. I actually thought he was a fairly reasonable fellow.

    I was wrong. He's a punk.

  3. Why does Asian Badger link to Thai hooker webs?

  4. Two posts down he calls Obama an assnozzle.

  5. Weak lefty whining about supposed "classy conservative" hypocrisy...followed by five classless lefty comments including some thinly veiled racist snark.

    Oh the delicious irony.

    By the way, hear is a sentense with sum spelling errers just so "Other Side" will have something on which to comment.

  6. Oh the faux outrage from our little friend, Roland. Who as usual misses the point. Go back to BB where you can be a bigot with company.

  7. Usually profanity is a wonderful sign of that side loosing the argument, so they class it up.

    Isn't he just a male, localized version of Michele Malkin?

  8. and capper join in with Foust's Asian joke and you call me the bigot? Good luck making that accusation stick.

    In this text-only medium you had no idea I was laughing while reading the entire post and comments. Laughter that carried me through this comment and my earlier one. Otherwise, you would have never accused me of outrage, faux or otherwise.

    Admit it, you do tend to be a feckless twit.

  9. capper...what is up with the link you posted in your comment? How inappropriate. That's a 17 year old girl in that story. WTF? Should we just call you Gary Becker?

  10. Apparently satire is lost on anon.

    Try Googling The'll be amazed at what you learn!

  11. So...that was suppose to be funny? It must have gone way over my head because I don't see anything funny with capper's link.

    I have to agree with Roland...these comments are classless.

  12. Anon, I can't believe you've never heard of The Onion. That just boggles my mind.

    As for the comments here being classless, am I to believe you also feel that calling a woman the "c-word" is classless?

  13. Sorry, Roland, I asked a straight-up question. It was no joke. You see the banner (ad?) for the "Big Mango" in the upper right corner of Asian Badger? It's been there a long time. What's it there for? How would you characterize that site? Asian tourism?

  14. OK, I can't resist. Let me help you out. Here are the titles of recent posts...

    "Finding a Thai Girlfriend… as a couple Part 1", "Old verses young blood By Salty", "Lot Noi dai mai - CAN U MAKE IT CHEAPER Part 2 by maximus", "Scary hookers, the scrub, 22 & 33", "One for the old dogs by Tapeets", "Black gold by On Nutter", "When the Cat’s away…… by salty", "The Sleeping Beauty by redstar", "Hong Kong Trip Report by K1ndofblue", "Confessions of a 20 year old sex tourist - Part 2 by Hansum Boy".

  15. I would label that website "bizarre." But I'm a prudish American. I don't know AB and haven't the foggiest as to why he links to it. The little content I scanned on that site, in my humble opinion, speaks volumes as to why that country is being ravaged by STDs and HIV/AIDS, but I don't see the comedy in it.

    I only jumped into the fray because of the cheap, but typical, reference to conservatives as a generalization.

  16. I only jumped into the fray because of the cheap, but typical, reference to conservatives as a generalization.

    And I suppose the commentary on BB is something to which we should aspire to? I think not.

    As for anon, if he or she can not or will not appreciate satire, or does not recognize the Onion for its parodies of the world around us, then we cannot help them.

    Sounds more like a feeble attempt of selective outrage.

  17. Actually, capper, I'm not outraged just disgusted by the link you posted. Sorry, I never read "The Onion" and did not know it was suppose to be satire. Now that I know I still feel like vomiting.

  18. and capper join in with Foust's Asian joke and you call me the bigot?

    Aside from your still not having gotten the point, knowing where you hang out regularly does label you, Roland.

    Now who's worthless?

  19. read my blog? I'm honored.

    Faust..The Big Mango is a bar in Bangkok. It's hardly a hooker joint. They do serve a pretty good cheeseburger, though.

  20. AB-

    I read many blogs, even if I disagree with what they say, or how they say it.

  21. Well, upon further review, I changed my description of the fool. PC had nothing to do with it, it's just an even more accurate description of my feelings about Ms. Pelosi.

    Not to Other hurt my feelings. And I'm such a sensitive guy.

  22. "Apparently satire is lost on anon."

    Zach, I just got done reading Randy's blog where you actually complained to the NOW editor about the humorous and satirical pictures Randy posted of President Obama. At least when I objected to capper's link I didn't realize it was suppose to be satire. As mind boggling as it is for you I don't read "The Onion" and I'm not really sure what amazing things I could learn from reading it if capper's link is any indication of what is written in it.

    I find capper's link more offensive than the pictures Randy posted (although I only had enough patience to scroll through ten of them) but yet I'm not demanding capper remove his link. I don't want to call you a hypocrite but I have to wonder about this one.

  23. Given the content on the blog that the Big Mango baner ad links to, I'd say that "I only eat the cheeseburgers" must be like "I only read it for the articles."

  24. Faust said...

    "Given the content on the blog that the Big Mango baner ad links to, I'd say that "I only eat the cheeseburgers" must be like "I only read it for the articles." should go to "The Big Mango". My friends, the owners, can help you get laid. You need it.

    They will introduce you to women who will take all your money and leave you with a smile on your face.

    Find Thailand on a map and then go will be good for you.