Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Classy Commentary

Roland Melnick took umbrage at the commentary that was left on this post from the other day:

Weak lefty whining about supposed "classy conservative" hypocrisy...followed by five classless lefty comments including some thinly veiled racist snark.

Oh the delicious irony.

By the way, hear is a sentense with sum spelling errers just so "Other Side" will have something on which to comment.

Now, for the unfamiliar, Roland is one of the contributors to the highly classy Badger Blogger, which, of course, only lets the best of commentaries on their website. Say, like those of gus/mickey:
What did anyone expect.
We have a Libtard President.
We have a Libtard House.
We have a Libtard Senate.
What did people think liberals would do once in power. This is just a little worse a little faster than expected.
Liberals are not honest. They will twist, parse and lie to get their way. Listen to Obama’s speech from last night. The guy is delusional.
If you don’t agree you want to blow up America’s public school system.
If we don’t act now the sky will fall.
This shyte is out of the Sol Olinsky play book.
This stuff isn’t happening by accident.
Obie get’s elected and hands off the responsibility for spending a cool TRILLLLLLLION to Pelosi. What do people think Pelosi stands for? We have neophyte Lenin wannabees in power.
They are only limited by the Constitution, and even THAT is malleable in their minds. E.G. Abortion is in the Constitution, but God is not.
Liberals have lost their souls. They believe in an ideology without regard to it’s failures over the last 100 years. Liberals undermine their own freedoms, but the ones at the top eat $100lb steak as they sneer at us and tell us about the CATASTOPHE that will occur if they can’t spend our childrens childrens money ON THEIR CAUSES.
All designed to consolidate a larger and large dependent liberal voting base for decades to come.
I saw this coming. I clearly saw it. First and foremost, I understand the garden variety libtard and his need for the government to protect him from having to work and exist in the real world.
We are screwed unless we turn this around tout suite.
I, for one, stand ashamed for using humor, satire, and proper grammar for making my points.


  1. Just remeber, the Left has it's share of bomb throwers. Right Tim?

  2. Thanks for making me feel smarter, Dan. Thanks from all of us here at Whallah.

  3. Capper,

    Fellow BadgerBlogger, Bruce, sent me an email last night telling me I had been "Whallah'd." So today, I came here hoping to read some juicy smear...but was disappointed.

    When you say we (me, Patrick, Bruce and Glenn) "allow" commentary like the mickey/gus passage you quoted, you are also saying that we don't censor it. That's true.

    At BadgerBlogger, our comment policy only restricts outright profanity, obsenity, racism and/or personal insults directed at other commenters. Off-topic stuff tends to get shifted to a thread entitled The Twilight Zone. Do we catch them all...no...however, Mickey/gus has been "moderated" before as have many other people.

    We get complaints about you fellows from time to time, but we don't nix your comments. We don't shut out opposing viewpoints which your post here also suggests.

    The BB staff is no more responsible for what mickey/gus says anymore than we are for what you write...again, within our own guidelines.

    In a free society, mickey/gus is free to write his thoughts. You are free to respond to them, or not. You are free to ignore mickey/gus and respond to others, or not. You are also free to continue visiting BadgerBlogger, or not. What you aren't free to do is force us to shut him up...at least until your Party figures out how to legislate away that freedom.

    Roland Melnick
    BadgerBlogger Staff

  4. our comment policy only restricts outright profanity, obsenity, racism and/or personal insults directed at other commenters.

    You may want to take a more objective look at your policy vs. how you implement it. Your comment threads are often nothing but personal digs and sophomoric insults, which is why I usually choose not to bother with it anymore. There is no valuable conversation to be had there.

    I don't want to shut mickey/gus up. But I can and do expect for people to express themselves in a civil tone. That is called common courtesy.

    But just as mickey/gus, you and the rest at BB have the right to say what you want, I have the right to call you out on it.