Saturday, June 2, 2007

McBride, Again (again)

Jessica McBride displayed her usual lack of depth recently when commenting on the lack of media coverage for the winner of the National Spelling Bee ... a home schooler. Her post consisted of this:

Michelle Malkin on the media's bias by ignoring this angle.

Malkin and McBride must have taken the same classes in blogging. Malkin's post consisted of this:

Spelling bee champ was home-schooled
Michelle Malkin · June 01, 2007 03:13 PM
But you wouldn't know it from the MSM coverage.

The reporting skills of these two are astounding. The fact is, home school kids have been doing well in the National Spelling Bee for some time now. Back in June 2000, they took the top three spots in the contest. Good for them. But, Jessica ... it is no longer news.

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  1. "Michelle Malkin on the media's bias by ignoring this angle."

    What kind of a sentence is that?

    I googled "spelling bee home schooled" and got 1,276 hits, plus the NPR headline "Home-Schooled Student Wins Spelling Bee."