Friday, February 11, 2011

Sykes Owes An Apologies To Mrs. Johnson and Chris Abele

This morning, Charlie Sykes was ripping into Chris Abele (read as Jeff Stone, the Republicans' token sacrificial lamb, is in deep trouble).  He compared Abele's multimillionaire status to that of Ron Johnson's multimillionaire status.

Sykes stated that Ron Johnson earned his money, while Chris Abele mooched for his.

I would hardly call having one's father pass away as "mooching."  But that shows what an insensitive and tactless boor Sykes really is  Either way, he should apologize to Abele for mocking his father's death.

Secondly, he owes and apology to Ron Johnson's wife, Jane.  I'm sure that Mrs. Johnson is a lovely woman whom the Senator loves very much, and that marrying her to get his millions of dollars was no work at all.

Shocker! More Hypocrisy From Sykes

Charlie tries to raise a stink because a couple of union leaders, who have been doing their jobs for years and years, are making six figures.

What's really outrageous is that the two union leaders he mentions, when added together, still don't make as much as Sykes does.  And they are actually contributing to society, which is more than Sykes could ever say.

Monday, February 7, 2011

McIlheran: Your Illness Is A Sin

Father Patrick McIlheran again climbs up on his podium to preach to the great unwashed masses.

The main premise of his sermon is that there has been a spike of HIV cases among black homosexual men because they are sinners.  In other words, he is saying that those people who contract HIV are only getting what they deserve.

How absolutely Pat Robertsonian of him.  If Westboro was a Catholic Church instead of a Baptist one, McIlheran would probably be applying for membership.

But to further his egregiousness, McIlheran just doesn't know when to stop and includes this:
... Most churches decry drunkenness, and isn’t that awfully mean? (Don’t even get me started on how many churches cruelly try suppressing any expression of drunkenness by offering AA chapters meeting space down in the basement hall!)
No, in fact, it isn’t mean to say drunkenness is wrong, or lying or gluttony or any of the rest. It is kind if you believe, as churches do, that sin does real and lasting damage to the sinner.
Considering that Alcohol Abuse (and Drug Abuse, for that matter) are considered to be mental illnesses, isn't it being particularly inappropriate to be condemning it?

It makes you wonder what McIlheran does during his free time.  I'd hate to think he takes field trips to the local hospital and patrol the cancer ward telling people that they are sinners.

I Enjoy Listening to Charlie Sykes ...

... when the Packers win the Super Bowl. If only the Packers would win the Super Bowl every day.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Limbaugh Unable To Defend Reagan

This is too funny, but all too typical:
A liberal caller asked Limbaugh why Ronald Reagan is a hero to conservatives when he raised taxes, cut and ran from Lebanon, granted amnesty to illegal immigrants, and negotiated with terrorists. Limbaugh answered by claiming that the caller didn’t understand Reagan, “Why is a Reagan a hero to conservatives. Given what you said, and I am not trying to avoid the question, I don’t think you’d understand it.”
The caller repeated his question again, and told Limbaugh that he didn’t think he understood why conservatives love Reagan. Rush replied it, “No, I do, most assuredly I do. I don’t think you understand it. Where did you get this silly notion that Reagan raised taxes on Social Security? What websites do you read? Where did you pick that up?” The caller told Rush to look up the Greenspan Commission. It’s a matter of history and that it is general knowledge.
Limbaugh blamed Media Matters, and said that the caller’s understanding of Reagan is flawed, “Well, because you understand Reagan in a way that is flawed. Your call is actually kind of interesting because you represent the impossibility of bridging the gap. Somebody like you just has to be defeated.”
When confronted with the reality of Ronald Reagan’s legacy, Rush Limbaugh went into duck and dodge mode, with a dash of lying. The truth is that Ronald Reagan did raise taxes, especially the payroll tax in 1983. Reagan first raised taxes by $17 billion in 1982. His 1983 increase of the payroll tax virtually wiped out his 1981 tax cut, and for good measure Reagan raised taxes in 1984 in an attempt to combat the exploding budget deficit courtesy of Reaganomics, and concerns about inflation. The Tax Reform Act of 1986 cut tax breaks and shelters, which would qualify it in today’s Republican terms as a tax increase.
You can catch the whole thing here, including the audio of Limbaugh sputtering as he is caught flat-footed.

He Should've Made It A Year

Oh boy, I bet this will create a lot of jobs!

Scott Walker is bringing his full weight of office to bear by issuing a proclamation that he wants all to participate in the openly bigoted, anti-homosexual "National Marriage Week."

Word is he is going to ask his good pals Charlie Sykes, Newt Gingrich, John McCain and Rush Limbaugh to be honorary spokesman for the special occasion.

If you gave each of them a week per marriage, you'd have most of the year covered.

Friday, February 4, 2011

They Won't Squawk About The Real Haves

Scott Walker started the ball rolling during his perpetual campaign for governor by falsely claiming that public sector workers were the haves while the rest of the world's were the have-nots.  This was despite his $130K salary as county executive and his big new house with the big new swimming pool.

Charlie Sykes, making $170K himself*, picked up this meme in his beak and squawked about it every chance he gets.  And this does not include the money his third wife brings in as Communications Director for the Bradley Foundation or the graft he gets for pushing their hateful agenda.

But what you won't hear about from Walker, Sykes or any of the other squawkers is one complaint about the real haves.  You know, the CEO's of the big corporations.

*You'll note that I said Sykes makes that much money, not that he earns that much.