Friday, February 27, 2009

Fischer should know this "No-No": Don't challenge bloggers backed with facts

A few days ago Capper wrote about how Kevin Fischer, the self-proclaimed "Star of Television, Radio, and the Blogs", was being deep fried by Franklin bloggers. Today, the frying only gets worse. One of those bloggers, Janet Evans, has had the recent "last laugh" relating to the case against Franklin Mayor Tom Taylor in Milwaukee County Circuit Court.

While the Journal Sentinel/FranklinNOW were quick to note that the case was dismissed by the Court, Evans was quick to provide facts that it's nowhere near being done. Naturally, Fischer jumped on the JS/NOW bandwagon and proclaimed Taylor's innocence, and in the meantime attempted to make Evans his newest punching bag.

You probably won't hear anything out of Fischer's blog anytime soon relating to the updates to the Taylor case. The news just came out on FranklinNOW that proves that, in fact, Evans was right on the money with her facts. Meanwhile, "This Just In": Fischer didn't break another story in Franklin.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Another Right Wing Lie Put To Rest

Charlie Sykes, Patrick McIlheran, and the entire Posse Comatose, have just been, once again, proven to be hyperventilating over nothing when it comes to the Fairness Doctrine. Despite their repeated lies to scare the public, it the Fairness Doctrine just ain't coming back:
The Senate voted Thursday in favor of an amendment to the District of Columbia voting-rights bill that would prohibit the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) from reinstating the so-called Fairness Doctrine, which critics say would decimate conservative talk radio.

The Senate passed the measure 87-11.
At first it seemed odd that the right wing wasn't all over this celebrating, but then I realized why they aren't saying anything. It would prove them to be lying, again. And secondly, they have just lost another weapon in their fear and smear campaign.

Who else but a right winger could get what they want and not be happy about it?

Tip of the crown to the Chief.

Not Just For The Week

The Shepherd Express finally got around to naming Charlie Sykes as their Jerk of the Week:

Our Jerk of the Week is talk-show host Charlie Sykes, who either just doesn’t get it or just doesn’t want to get it. The world is in the worst economic crisis since the 1930s, and our new president has acted swiftly to address the issue with a strong stimulus package. Put simply, a stimulus package needs to get money into the economy so that goods and services are produced and people are employed. In turn, those people spend their salaries and create even more jobs. If people were paid to dig a hole and bury a newspaper, it would have the same stimulus impact because these shovelers would then spend their wages and create more jobs. If we are going to spend $787 billion, obviously we would like to get some real benefits for the money. This requires a variety of programs to quickly and effectively get the money working in the economy and addressing real needs. Economists across the political spectrum understand that direct government expenditures are far more effective than tax cuts because a portion of the tax cuts will not be spent. Actually, any college freshman taking Macroeconomics 101 understands this as well. But not Charlie Sykes, who is still arguing that this package will not stimulate the economy because it is a variety of Democratic programs. Charlie either doesn’t understand Economics 101 or he does and chooses to misinform his listeners. So, Charlie, are you dumb or just a liar?

Charlie was joking about it on his show this morning, asking if he got a plaque or something.

Well, since we know Charlie is so insecure, and needs these little doodads to have any sense of worth, the artists at Whallah! thought they would oblige by making a little sign for him, via Obamicon.Me:

He can hang it on the wall of his cubicle, along with the other "prize" he has earned:

Bum Stock Tips from Sykes and Esenberg

With the right when it is a choice between prosperity and the supremacy of conservative fantasies, it is fantasyland hands down.

The day after Barack Obama's highly effective speech, Sykes and Esenberg cheered a dip in the market when it opened the next day as a sign that Wall Street isn't in favor of the proposed plan to uplift you know, you and me.

A couple of weaknesses here.

1) The right wing has never been in favor of the uplift of this country. Otherwise why would they be dishing out policies that cripple the middle class?

2) As Nate Silver points out, what's good for Wall Street is not necessarily good for Main Street.

3) What goes down, can go up. Turns out that the Obama speech had nothing to do with the markets opening down on Wednesday (unless that down market is the Jindal stock).

Maybe Rick should stick to what he knows, whatever that is.

BTW, notice the difference between 2001 and 2009?

In both cases we have a state of crisis. In 2001 the opposition pulled behind the president. In 2009 the opposition is praying for failure.

Is Charlie an economic surrender monkey?

Hold page one!

The Journal Sentinel reports that Scott Walker is raising money and might be running for governor.

What's that? That happened weeks ago?

Never mind.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Belling: Sexist As Well As Racist

Mark Belling, well known for his racist rants, including the infamous "wetback" comment, has found a new demographic to discriminate against: women.

On his radio program today, he referred to women who breast feed their babies as "sows."

Apparently, he caught the wrath of most of Milwaukee, as he should have. From Dan Cody:

Even women calling in to his show today who identified themselves as “conservatives” were outraged at the outrageous statements of WISN’s “premier” talk radio show host. And rightfully so.

Why a single middle aged man who has no family (that I know of at least) thinks he’s qualified to provide commentary about something as personal as breast feeding and it’s effect on women, their children and their families is beyond me. Why that kind of person thinks they can make such an offensive comparison and then try to cover it up is even a bigger question.

Read Dan's whole post, include the audio from the show, at his site, Left on the Lake.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Powerful Mind Of Kevin Fischer

Nothing gets past this man's sheer brilliance:
Some states actually (foolishly) think one of the solutions to their budget woes is to perform fewer executions.

Sure. Take more deterrence out of capital punishment.
I just don't have the heart to tell him that besides saving money and being the smarter idea considering how many cases have been getting overturned due to false convictions, but that stopping executions doesn't take the detterence out of capital punishment, it stops it altogether.

Right Winger Pays Me High Compliment

Kevin Binversie, right wing blogger, has actually given me two compliments.

One is that he spells my name correctly. Secondly, he gives me credit for the ever-pithy and erudite grumps, who was the actual author of this post.

But as a friend of Whallah! and Cog Dis alerted me, Kevin did miss one: An American Carol out of his examples: "To date, An American Carol has grossed $7 million after having a production budget of $20 million"

Oh, and Mr. Binversie, the "Kev" that grumps referred to is Kevin Fischer, not you. Sorry to disillusion you like that.

More Human Right Violations For The Chinese

Haven't they suffered enough already?

The Clairvoyant James Rowen

Charlie Sykes touts the idea of Bobby Jindal giving the GOP answer to Obama's speech. (He was terrible by the way. Sounded like a televangelist selling snake oil.)

James Rowen predicts where this will get the GOP.

Seems to me that James nailed it.

Prepare To Sputter In Five, Four...

The talking suits will be aghast and agog if this deal gets made. Charlie, Kev, Mark and Jeff will sputter and fume for weeks; nay, for months.

From Variety:
"Fair Game," the drama about the outing of CIA agent Valerie Plame
Wilson, has come together with Naomi Watts starring, "Mrs. and Mrs. Smith"
helmer Doug Liman directing and William Pohlad's River Road financing.

But the big question is whether Oscar-winning "Milk" star Sean Penn
will close a deal to play Ambassador Joseph Wilson.

Penn is negotiating, but no deal has closed.

Time for a Whallah! poll. Who should play Scooter Libby? Patrick Fitzgerald? Angler?

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Lessons From The Perferssor

While it is not OK to pick on Catholics or Christians for the choices they make, like Bill Maher does, it is perfectly fine to pick on women, because they're not men.

This has been today's lesson from Perfesser McAdams.

Whallah! Catch Up

Instead of writing a ton of posts and missing something, I will just give you a round of recent and not so recent posts (with lots and lots of links).

First up, we have Illy-T showing that PaddyMac is once again distorting the facts, this time on wiretapping.

Bert, over at folkbum's*, points out how Charlie and his ilk are again blaming the victims.

James Rowen points out that Paddy doesn't know much about public transit either.

The Chief points out that Fischer is an elitist.

That is all, for now.

*Why does that site sound familiar?

Deep Fried Fischer

I almost feel sorry for Kevin Fischer.

The man must be feeling an incredible amount of stress right now.

He has a baby on the way, that should be do anytime now.

He and his boss have been named the worst legislator and secretary in the state capitol.

To top it off, his abrasive personality has alienated all of his former friends and allies. This is evidence by the spat going on between Fischer and Fred Keller, and Fischer and Janet Evans. These spats are so far out of it, I couldn't do it any real justice, but the Chief already has, so I don't have to.

To add to his stress, he has his old young nemesis, Greg Kowalksi, making observations of the problems here and here. Even members of the community are fed up with the Fumbling Fisher and his bumbling boss, as evidence by this comment thread.

Yup, I think Fischer is being deep fried in a high pressure cooker. Why? Cause he is starting to crack like a nut. He has recommended the writing of a woman who would take away your civil rights to vote, if you happen to be poor. He thinks that he can hold Governor Doyle responsible for something that he said five years ago, before the fiscal crisis that his party led us to. Meanwhile, Fischer cannot be consistent for more than five minutes.

The most frightening, is this bit of psychosis:

Frightening to watch someone lose the little bit of mental acuity they once had, isn't it?

Building Better Bodies Through Conservatism

Other Side has quite the satirical post on the new fad sure to tear through the Cheddarsphere like a talk show host goes through hair products: The Conservative Flab Program, which include inspirational quips like this:
Get ready to add to those stubborn problem areas. With the help of Charlie Sykes, you'll be out of your skinny jeans in no time and will haved joined the legion of conservative bloggers nationwide fighting liberals, socialists and personal hygeine.

If you don't completely transform your body within 30 days just like I did, Charlie will keep your money and chastise you personally on-line and on his radio show (hey, you got on). So what are you waiting for? C'mon, let's battle liberalism together.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Paper Hypocritical

At JSOnline's Across The Board blog, the blogsite for the Journal Sentinel's editorial board, David Haynes put up a Friday reading list on their site today.

The good part is that they gave me my third link*:
Capper at Cognitive Dissonance calls it Gov. Jim Doyle's "Republican Moment." Doyle slipped a clause into his proposed budget that would lift the cost analysis for state contracts. A questionable move.
The hypocritical part is their reference to Rick Esenberg's post trying to spin Scott Walker out of the hole he put himself into:
Rick Esenberg at Shark and Shepherd defends Scott Walker and says he's pretty annoyed at bloggers who deliberately twist the facts to try to make their opponents look stupid. We hear you, Rick.
I wonder if Mr. Haynes was really able to type that with a straight face after working with Patrick McIlheran.

*They've linked to me and referred to me three different ways. Curious.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

New Guest Blogger On Whallah!

We have a very special guest blogger joining Whallah! for one post and one post only, and this is it. Gentle readers, I would like to present none other than that star of TV, radio and blog, Kevin Fischer:

Ladies and gentlemen, that was Kevin Fischer, with his Whallah! treatment of his and Senator Lazich's popularity plunge.

Thank you, Kevin.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

And This Is One Of Their Favorite People

All of the right wing squawkers, from Sykes to PaddyMac to even the former blogger, former squawker McBride, and their Posse Comatose, love themselves some Michelle Malkin.

Now we know why, thank to Dan Cody:

How classy of her to be hamming it up with some starker who has a swastika in Obama's name. Class acts all around, just like our local hate right wingers.

For further distastefulness, Other Side discusses the racist cartoon that appeared in the New York Post.

Gotta love them "big tenters."

The UnAmerican Fischer

Tonight, the Franklin Common Council spat on the U.S. Constitution and the State's Constitution.

The UnAmerican Fischer celebrates.

Why does he hate America so much?

Monday, February 16, 2009

Spoof and Goof: Tools For The Future

Wikipedia has bred dozens of imitators from the moderately useful to the absolutely valueless. To the latter category we can now add Wikiality from the folks who bring you The Colbert Report.

The Wikiality entry for 5th District Rep. F James Sensenbrenner reads in total:
Apparently enjoys traveling.
It's an accurate description of Flyin' Jim's proclivity for the pre-paid junket but the more interesting part is the disclaimer at the bottom of the page.
This article is a stub of a Congressperson who does not have the balls to be on "The Colbert Report". Until James Sensenbrenner gets the balls to get nailed by
Stephen, help America "Better Know" James Sensenbrenner by
unloading your gut onto this page.

Now, I wouldn't suggest that anyone should go to the site and login to clarify F Jim's storied career nor the many white papers for which he's responsible but I wouldn't not suggest it either.

Oh look! There's a Paul Ryan page, too.

Two Impactful Endorsements

Charlie Sykes has formally endorsed Rose Fernandez for state superintendent of public instruction.

Ignoring the fact that Fernandez doesn't even know what she is spouting about, isn't an endorsement from Sykes a bit like Ted Oswald endorsing Koschnick?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Classy Commentary

Roland Melnick took umbrage at the commentary that was left on this post from the other day:

Weak lefty whining about supposed "classy conservative" hypocrisy...followed by five classless lefty comments including some thinly veiled racist snark.

Oh the delicious irony.

By the way, hear is a sentense with sum spelling errers just so "Other Side" will have something on which to comment.

Now, for the unfamiliar, Roland is one of the contributors to the highly classy Badger Blogger, which, of course, only lets the best of commentaries on their website. Say, like those of gus/mickey:
What did anyone expect.
We have a Libtard President.
We have a Libtard House.
We have a Libtard Senate.
What did people think liberals would do once in power. This is just a little worse a little faster than expected.
Liberals are not honest. They will twist, parse and lie to get their way. Listen to Obama’s speech from last night. The guy is delusional.
If you don’t agree you want to blow up America’s public school system.
If we don’t act now the sky will fall.
This shyte is out of the Sol Olinsky play book.
This stuff isn’t happening by accident.
Obie get’s elected and hands off the responsibility for spending a cool TRILLLLLLLION to Pelosi. What do people think Pelosi stands for? We have neophyte Lenin wannabees in power.
They are only limited by the Constitution, and even THAT is malleable in their minds. E.G. Abortion is in the Constitution, but God is not.
Liberals have lost their souls. They believe in an ideology without regard to it’s failures over the last 100 years. Liberals undermine their own freedoms, but the ones at the top eat $100lb steak as they sneer at us and tell us about the CATASTOPHE that will occur if they can’t spend our childrens childrens money ON THEIR CAUSES.
All designed to consolidate a larger and large dependent liberal voting base for decades to come.
I saw this coming. I clearly saw it. First and foremost, I understand the garden variety libtard and his need for the government to protect him from having to work and exist in the real world.
We are screwed unless we turn this around tout suite.
I, for one, stand ashamed for using humor, satire, and proper grammar for making my points.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

In Paddy's Pretend Land

From my other home, Cognitive Dissidence, a post I wrote about PaddyMac's fertile, if warped, imagination:
Last week, Patrick McIlheran, right wing propagandist for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, wrote a sententious little column in which he dreams what it would be like to be an actual journalist. His first interview would be with the enigmatic figure of the state government, and how he would deftly point them out to be fraudulent political pawns trying to make his superhero, Scott "the Weasel" Walker look like a fool.

The biggest problem with PaddyMac's column is that he is as short on the facts as he is long on the imagination. After all, who would ever be so gullible as to confuse old Paddy of even being close to a journalist or a truth-teller?
Read the rest here.

Those Classy Conservatives

Again demonstrating that they are the faction of hypocrisy, the right wing strikes again.

Example 1: Remember, during the election, how the right wing would love to try to put doubt in people's minds about Obama's patriotism, based solely on whether he wore a flag pin on his lapel?
Well, patriotism is now passe, as Tom McMahon shows us in his over-the-top fear of peace and prosperity.

Example 2: This one comes via Zach at Blogging Blue, who highlights Peter DiGaudio's continuing violations of Godwin's Law. Perhaps it's his own Aryan beliefs that Peter is projecting.

Example 3: The sexist post by The Asian Badger, who calls Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi the c-word. I thought that was a no-no. Oh, right, you can do if you are on the right - how did I ever forget. Also worth noting are the two (at the time of this post), who are also right wingers and have no issue at all with it.

And these people wonder why no one takes their whinings and attacks seriously. It's not the culture - it's the hypocrisy.

Sykes: Off His Meds

Would someone please explain what Charlie Sykes is trying to say in this post:
MORE REASON TO TAKE FISH OIL...even if you (by which I mean I) do occasionally drop them into your coffee in the morning. They're very good for mice.
What is he saying? Does he drop the fish oil in his coffee? Or is he dropping mice into his coffee?

If I put anything in my coffee, it would be just a little bit of cream and sugar, definitely not fish or mice.

I guess the only real lesson is this: Conservatism will eventually rot your mind.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Friday, February 6, 2009

Effin Perfect

Some stupid woodchuck sees his shadow and Milwaukee gets 6 more years of bad radio.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Worst Legislator and Legislative Aide

From Bruce Murphy. editor of Milwaukee Magazine:

Garnering the third-most votes for worst legislator was Sen. Mary Lazich (R-New Berlin). “Literally nuts,” pronounced one GOP activist. “There may be no legislator taken less seriously.”

That rating becomes all the more interesting when you consider that Lazich’s aide is Kevin Fischer, an outspoken windbag who does a blog on, has guest hosted on WISN-AM 1130 and is a regular pundit for Milwaukee Public Television’s InterChange program.

Fischer’s grating style has even annoyed some of his fellow conservatives. Fairly Conservative blogger Cindy Kilkenny calls Fischer a bully. As Milwaukee Magazine Pressroom columnist Erik Gunn has written, Kilkenny has been on a campaign to prove Fischer has been working on his blog on state time. She hasn’t gotten the public records she requested from Lazich’s office and is now threatening to contact the attorney general.

Lazich told Milwaukee Magazine she doesn’t tolerate “nastiness” from her staff, but Fischer said Lazich has never counseled him to tone down his often intemperate style.

All told, there may be no combination of legislator and legislative aide who are taken less seriously in the capitol than Mary Lazich and Kevin Fischer. They work together for a reason.

The Chief noticed the quote. But I think we've all recognized the truth behind it.

Although, I think if Lazich lost Fischer, she could easily move up to fifth or sixth worst legislator.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Why Paddy Became A Journalist

Shorter version: As bad as his writing skills are, his math skills are even worse.

Paddy wrote a weak attempt at justifying Scott Walker's refusal to do his job regarding the public assistance call center. Paddy tries to paint it as being a matter of political ideology.

What it really is is a matter of is basic arithmetic. Walker wants to privatize everything he can, including the call center. But the law states that only government workers can have access to the computer systems that contain the data that needs to be read or updated.

As I've explained numerous times, the most recent being last night, Walker's solution is to have 10 UWM employees do this work, and a couple dozen people who would be glorified receptionists that would only answer phones and take message. This is opposed the to the County Board's original proposal to have 30 county workers who could answer the phone AND do the necessary computer work. The price for either plan is the same, as that the UWM workers would be paid much more than the county workers are being paid.

Seeing how Paddy has a hard time seeing that 30 workers is better than 10, it is no wonder he became a journalist. He has no math skills. I just wonder who helps him count the words in his columns.

Paddy Rewrites Recent History

Patrick McIlheran somehow manages to write that voter ID did not hamper the voter turnout during November's historic election. It is not know if he actually typed this with a straight face or not.

And here I thought that the large amount of turnout among Democrats and African Americans had something to do with the opportunity to vote for a man that was going to offer a chance to correct the errors for the past eight years.

Another thing that Paddy fails to mention was that the turnout was also higher in states that don't try to disenfranchise voters.

When Sykes Speaks Truly

I can't find one argument with that statement.