Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Right Winger Pays Me High Compliment

Kevin Binversie, right wing blogger, has actually given me two compliments.

One is that he spells my name correctly. Secondly, he gives me credit for the ever-pithy and erudite grumps, who was the actual author of this post.

But as a friend of Whallah! and Cog Dis alerted me, Kevin did miss one: An American Carol out of his examples: "To date, An American Carol has grossed $7 million after having a production budget of $20 million"

Oh, and Mr. Binversie, the "Kev" that grumps referred to is Kevin Fischer, not you. Sorry to disillusion you like that.


  1. My apologies.

    My Google Reader had you as the post author, not grumps.

    That crew was having a mess of trouble yesterday.

    P.S. Anyone who saw a trailer for "An American Carol" knew it was going to be crap.

  2. Thank you for your apology.

    Oddly enough, my google reader shows grumps.