Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's Lonely Out On The Fringe

You gotta feel bad for Jerry Bader. Even if he's not completely wrong you'd think somebody would march out there with him on the Lawton rumors. Even Vicki McKenna won't repeat his story.

Of course, she hasn't acknowledged that Lawton is a story yet, 20 hours after the fact. So much for breaking news.

Updated: Bader walks it back. 10/27/09


Notice it's not about him accepting responsibility for running with a story he couldn't back up. Bader blames his sources.

On the other hand, Binversie just drops the story down the memory hole.

I have also removed my later post on this matter.

Updated 10/28: The sleazebucket Bader is still at it. He still has his original link up with the same title but now there's a different soundbite behind it that speculates (He stresses three times that he's speculating. That's the same number of times he saud he was "Reporting factually," on Monday.) that "someone" applied leverage to get Lawton to step aside.

First, he drops his first story down the memory hole and says that there has been "talk" about the reasons she left the race.

Second, he pretends that he's not a part of the story.

Third, he's pimping it from the same link as if he was right all along.

It's no wonder you hear him referred to as a cut-rate Sykes, Even Chuck had better sense than to bite into the turd that Bader swore by.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sykes Is A Cobag?

The Brawler takes the gloves off for this one:

Charlie Sykes was never a particularly coherent thinker/propagandist -- it's difficult to reconcile being a moralizer with being married three times -- but the cognitive dissonance has been to 11 ever since Obama was elected. Sykes will say on his show he thinks Sarah Palin is over (yet continue to shill for Sarah Palin because that's the goddess of his herd) and he'll say he opposed TARP (even though he adocated it).

In short, Charlie Sykes is a cobag -- he's full of shit and he floods the airwaves with it. A rude comparison, to be sure, but Sykes deserves nothing more.


McIlheran: Milwaukee's Own Baby Rush

From Illy-T:
Last week medium-wave radio squawker and laissez-faire martyr Rush Limbaugh told a New York Times reporter to go kill himself.

This evening the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel's "right-wing guy" Patrick McIlheran likens a Madison, WI film festival to Jonestown, where more than 900 people dosed themselves fatally with cyanide at the behest of a fanatical Christian preacher, whose followers also shot a Democratic Congressman and several others to death.
I guess that makes Charlie Sykes our own Glenn Beck

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Like The Tick On A Rat

The title is the picturesque, and accurate, description of Charlie Sykes used by my friend, Bert, at folkbum's.

Read the entire post to see why Faux News, WISN and WTMJ are the charlatan news stations that we know them to be.

Hip Halloween Musings?

Next Saturday, the special interests are again sponsoring a teabagging event at a publicly funded site.

One of their speakers is going to be none other than James Harris, who is sure to share some of his hip musings like this one:


Message of Hate?


I say it's a message of Hope! Finally! Signs that there is intelligent life on other planets! The aliens are trying to communicate with us! They are trying to send us a message!

I... swastika.... Obama....

And they wonder why people have a hard time taking them seriously.

Rush Gets Punk'd

Once again, Limbaugh's prejudice gets the better of him:
It must have seemed so perfect. An obscure blogger unearths some pages of President Obama's college thesis. The report supposedly comes from big-time journalist Joe Klein of Time magazine. And the thesis has some real gems: like Obama's disdain for the Constitution.

The whole thing was nothing more than a satirical post on a humor blog. But Rush Limbaugh, who quoted from the supposed thesis on his radio show, sure wasn't laughing. Here's how it went down.

An unknown blogger picked up on a made-up post meant as a joke, which claimed that Joe Klein had gotten his hands on 10 pages of student Obama's college thesis. Rush Limbaugh jumped on it, which immediately sparked Web searches on "obama thesis."

Supposedly titled "Aristocracy Revisited," the excerpt revealed the president had "doubts" about the "so-called founders." Juicy. Except not true. Limbaugh discovered halfway through his show that he'd been had, but defended himself by saying basically the thesis felt true. Listen in to Rush's mea sorta culpa.

The sad part is that even though Rush was again thoroughly proven to me a schmuck, there are still people that will believe it with all their heart. You know the ones, the birthers and the teabaggers.

ADDENDUM: Illy-T has more.

H/T to Blogging Blue

Monday, October 19, 2009

Is It Any Surprise?

Needed: Some Top Shelf Fireworks

I've heard of the blind leading the blind, but this is an example of the lying introducing the lying (emphasis mine):

Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin will visit Milwaukee next month for a speech at State Fair Park.

The former Republican vice presidential candidate will speak Nov. 6 at the Wisconsin Exposition Center in West Allis. Tickets cost $30 each and can be purchased online only at No tickets will be sold at the door.

The program is scheduled from 7:30 to 9 p.m.

Palin's visit is sponsored by Wisconsin Right to Life and will feature Charlie Sykes of WTMJ-AM (620) as master of ceremonies. Palin was Sen. John McCain's running mate in the 2008 presidential election.

Liz Woodhouse better be keeping a close eye.

The best line about this comes from James Rowen:
The cost is $30, and if Palin isn't enough of a draw, Charlie Sykes is the MC.

No word yet if free tea will be provided, if Joe the Plumber will show up or if Balloon Family will handle the flyover.

But you can hope.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

You've Got To Know The Territory

From the Sarah Palin Blog.

E-mails are currently going out to the favored faithful to help form a
coalition. She is primed, ready and now forming a national organization called
"Stand Up for Our Nation."

And now the Wall Street Journal has confirmed the story. Palin aide Tim
Crawford told
an announcement would be forthcoming, but he declined to
give details. Crawford is treasurer of Palin’s political action committee,
SarahPAC. The WSJ suggests that the launch of the new group will coincide with
the publication of Palin’s memoir “Going Rogue: An American Life” in November.

Palin backers told the Journal that last year’s GOP vice presidential
nominee is keen on staying in the spotlight and generating significant
personal income
at the same time.

Emphasis is mine. It's not about doing good things or rebuilding America. It's about filling the pocketbook and hogging the spotlight.

You guys remember SarahPac, right? Good luck with all of that.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Talk Show Host Goes After Ovine Livestock

Two takes on the growing brewhaha of Rush Into Limbo trying to buy the St. Louis Rams:

One, a well thought out and strong argument by The Chief and the other is Illy-T thinking it's just another excuse to hate the Rams.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Always A Nominee, Never A Winner

Charlie Sykes has been relentless in his selective outrage regarding President Barack Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize.

One would think that it is simply Charlie parroting the right wing talking points, as Illy-T alludes to in this post.

But for Charlie, the anger is seated a little deeper. He is just jealous, since he will always be just a nominee, never a winner.

Friday, October 9, 2009

The St. Louis Dittoheads

News Item: Rush Limbaugh may buy the St. Louis Rams:

Chris Britt

Looking For A Pool Czar

Dan Cody also thinks that the proposed plan to save and improve the pools for half the price of one water park is a good idea.

Apparently, talk radio can't be bothered with the common good:
Meanwhile, the usual suspects on conservative talk radio are using the debate about public swimming pools to bring up “socialism”, and yes, their argument is about as ridiculous as you can imagine. While pundits like Jay Weber use their microphone to whine thatthe elderly and poor little brown skinned children” should just go find a bathtub to cool off in because your personal ideology prevents you from supporting any tax funded program that you personally don’t use may endear you to the “kill off Government” crowd, the simple fact is that tens of thousands of people use things like public pools and most rational people understand the benefit they provide to the community.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Dr. Sykes

Weird ... so solid majorities of Americans support policies that are anathema to Sykes' benighted listeners. Will Sykes share that science with his listeners? The Brawler has his doubts, as Charlie's contempt for their intellect (i.e., his refusal to share facts that conflict with their worldview) is well-known.

See the rest at Brawler's place.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

If PaddyMac Were To Do An Infomercial...

...I'd imagine it would look something like this:

"Small Men Behind The Curtain"

What an apt description of local talk radio.

Harris Kane has the whole thing here.

She's Not A Constitutional Scholar Either

In today's Waukesha Freeman, Jessica McBride again shows her lack of understanding of the law and of the Constitution. Being married, at least for now, to a lawyer, one would think that some of this might have rubbed off on her. Apparently not.

You can tell she's lost just from the title: "Not really the people's court after all - Butler nomination renders ballot box useless."

Really? Excuse me, Ms. McBride, but just when was the last time you voted for a federal judge?

Furthermore, should someone who battled continuously to defend a candidate that is facing trial for lying really be one to talk for the "people"?

Then again, maybe she can't help it. It appears to be common ailment among the entitled, elitist conservatives.