Saturday, October 3, 2009

She's Not A Constitutional Scholar Either

In today's Waukesha Freeman, Jessica McBride again shows her lack of understanding of the law and of the Constitution. Being married, at least for now, to a lawyer, one would think that some of this might have rubbed off on her. Apparently not.

You can tell she's lost just from the title: "Not really the people's court after all - Butler nomination renders ballot box useless."

Really? Excuse me, Ms. McBride, but just when was the last time you voted for a federal judge?

Furthermore, should someone who battled continuously to defend a candidate that is facing trial for lying really be one to talk for the "people"?

Then again, maybe she can't help it. It appears to be common ailment among the entitled, elitist conservatives.


  1. Butler ran successfully for election to a Wisconsin trial court in 2002, says the author. The U.S. District Court for the Western District of Wisconsin is also a trial court. Therefore, according to the author's own reasoning, she should be supporting his nomination.

  2. Did you read her article? She clearly refers to Obama appointing Butler, therefore she obviously knows we don't vote for Federal judges.

    What's preventing you from arguing against her position (Obama's appointment of Butler subverts the will of the people) on it's merits, or lack of them? Laziness? Stupidity? Basic dishonesty?

  3. "She obviously knows we don't vote for Federal judges."

    Then what the hell is her point.