Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Just what we needed

My car radio has been a WTMJ free zone for more than two years, since I discovered a station that didn't believe the world was flat and actually let callers talk. I've been happily tuned to WMCS, 1290 AM, and stayed there even when a shakeup and change in station management resulted in Eric Von, the station's real pro, leaving his afternoon slot. I'd been more or less a Friday regular on his Man Show for a couple of years.

But today, host Earl Ingram opened his afternoon drive show with a surprise announcement -- Sheriff David Clarke, the conservative Republican teabagger who poses as a Democrat, will be the fill-in host when Ingram is absent.

I guess the new management thought it would be good to have at least one host who doesn't support Obama.

Can James T. Harris be far behind?

Aside from the question of whether an elected official -- and one who has run for mayor as well as sheriff, and likely has more ambitions -- is an appropriate host, there's the question of whether Milwaukee really needs one more right wing talker of any color.

The conservatives will no doubt say that some balance is good for WMCS. To which we might wonder, why isn't it good for WTMJ?

Lefty Joel McNally and Cassandra Cassandra still co-host the WMCS morning show, and Al Sharpton holds down the noon to 3 slot. Here's hoping Earl Ingram doesn't have many sick days or vacation coming.


  1. clark is a genuine d.i.n.o. and if that acronym makes people think of dean martin, all the better- since he's drunk with power.

  2. With his thin-skin and being slow on the uptake, Clarke should be like fish in a barrel. Have at him.

    Is he taking off time?

  3. I believe the phrase is D.I.N.O.S.A.U.R. - Democrat in name only, stupid ass undercover Republican.

  4. Man I miss Eric, his show rocked! Well, as for Clarke, I guess the part-time radio thing is better than his appearances in commercials for attorney's (which I just think is weird, if nothing else).

  5. WTMJ free zone? I take it you don't listen to Packer games on the radio?

  6. We have one of those teevee thingies.