Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Charlie Sykes Is Wimpier Than Jimmy Carter

Sykes additionally likes to refer to Jimmy Carter as the worst president of the last 100 years although American fared better economically under the Carter years than they did under George W. bush, who, truly qualifies for the worst in the past 100 years if not EVAR. (Civil War was going to happen, don't Blame Buchanan!). Sykes also likes to call Carter a wimp, though Carter has the distinction, over Sykes, of having served in the military.
That is the tail end of a post by, who else, the Brawler. You can read the whole thing, and how he got here, by clicking here.


  1. Sykes is the quintessential right wing tough guy…born to privilege, obsequious when in a fair competition of any kind, but a bully when he can hide in his little windowed cubicle, push buttons, and call the shots. He only feigns toughness when protected by a crowd or audience of like thinkers.

    Sykes lacks the common man guts to join the military, or engage in any battle in which his actual nose may be bloodied. He needs other mothers to send their sons to fight the battles he champions. Under the protection they provide he takes positions which then harm the very working people who protect his soft butt. Add Limbaugh, Belling and Wagner to this group.

    This discussion may begin and end with a single contemplation. Who of us given the choice would choose to share a fox hole with any of these?

  2. I take Limbaugh. He'd have the best drugs. Or maybe Belling, since I could get out for UCMJ reasons.

  3. i'm not familiar with "ucmj"- can you give me a hint?