Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Another (Two) Poor Decision(s) By WTMJ Radio

I saw this over the weekend, and I am still bitterly disappointed:

Veteran WTMJ-AM (620) personality Phil Cianciola confirms via Twitter this afternoon that he's been shown the door.

He tweets: "It's true. I was let go from my job today... Hope to talk to you on the radio again soon."

Cianciola is a long-time member of the afternoon "Green House" hosted by Jonathan Green. At the beginning of the year, WTMJ extended Green's contract, but didn't announce details.

Cianciola was the most entertaining personality on the entire radio station, which is probably why they felt compelled to give him the boot. To show how classy Cianciola really is, just read what he wrote on his own website:

But at this time and in this place all I really want to do is say a huge thank you to all the many, and I mean many kind emails and posts at various places that fans and friends have left for me. I DO care about you all. And as I have said in the past, just connecting with YOU and maybe making YOU laugh or smile is the best part of my job...er, ah, my former job.

I promise you that I am already working hard to get back on the radio in the city of Milwaukee to have that chance to again entertain, inform and maybe make you smile. You know I'm a Milwaukee guy, and if I can land a gig in Milwaukee then that would be my first choice.

More to come....stay tuned. Things happen for a reason. A door closes, another one opens....all that good stuff....Trying to stay positive. I know that many of you have and are going through the same thing.

I would love to know the reason why WTMJ would get rid of an entertaining, insightful and non-offensive person like Cianciola. But then again, maybe I just answered my own question.

We wish Mr. Cianciola the best of luck and look forward to hearing him on the radio again soon.

ADDENDUM: Bruce Redenz at Badger Blogger is reporting that Dick Alpert was also shown the door. Two big mistakes on TMJ's part.


  1. take away the "t" and rearrange the remaining letters, and you have wjm, the tv station on the "mary tyler moore show." this is like the last episode, where they fired everyone except ted baxter.

  2. BIG MISTAKE PHIL and John were the best together change the names to ED and JOHNNY Well you get the picture.

  3. What a bunch of #$@!'n Jerks!!! What was the station management thinking anyway? Oh yeah,right! Now Iget it!...They were'nt... I'm out of here and turning the radio dial! Phil, I know you will go where you're appreciated and validated! I'll be listening to you on the radio somewhere else! Take Care and the best of luck and continued success to you!

  4. Phil was the only reason I even started listening to WTMJ and now I am done listening to a station that would do such a stupid thing.

  5. Phil wasn't funny or clever. Don't you people listen? This is an improvement.

  6. I would like to know, just what are you thinking,??? Phil did add a lot to that show, i will not listen at that time slot again!!!too bad i really liked Phil a lot, the other guy should have been kicked to the curb and , and that loud mouth gal should go too BAD BAD move

  7. Sorry, I didn't know he was missing till moths later. Seems like most of the folks that knew sooner are the vocal liberal minority. Most radio and TV personalities have so little to do with everyday life it's scary. Lot's of people have lost jobs, and will continue to do so as long as the attitude of the government doesn't change. Every time the Chicago reject opens his mouth the stock market drops... all of you shut up already and let things recover. Please take him back Chicago!

  8. Charley, Charley, Charley. Enough said.

  9. Chicago will not give jobs to Wisconsin this is just WING NUT Hipe.