Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What Does Michelle Have Against Michelle?

Eugene Kane, of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, raises a good question:

Michelle Malkin was a featured speaker. She's pushing a new book that suggests President Obama is a corrupt politician bringing an atmosphere of corruption to politics in Washington D.C. She also seems to have an axe to grind against Michelle Obama, who she frequently singles out for criticism in her book and in her public comments.

It's pretty unusual for a political commentator to single out the First Lady of the United States for partisan attack, but it seems anything goes with this president. But it does beg the question:

What does Michelle have against Michelle?

I have two guesses.

One is envy of Michelle Obama's intellect, decorum, kindness and a good looking husband.

Michelle Malkin is just not a nice person, who would, let's say, spy on and belittle sick kids.

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  1. "Well, I'm proud to be here among you. And I've never been so proud in my adult lifetime - as that other Michelle says - boo! - to be a part of this angry mob."

    "Michelle Obama, first crony of the United States, we're calling you out! We're not going to let you get away with smearing us as racists and sexists and haters for calling you out about what you did in Chicago, foisting a patient-dumping scheme on people that you said you represented, dumping the poor and the minorities and outsourcing them to clear out bedspace at the University of Chicago medical center for wealthier patients. If Michelle Obama were a Republican, that story would be on the front pages. Charlie Gibson and Katy Couric and the View, the ladies of the View would be talking about it every single day."

    Malkin also did a "CALLING. YOU. OUT!" against the secretary of health and human services, saying "You've got Kathleen Sebelius, the secretary of the health and human services department, telling us to cover our noses, and wagging their fingers, about staying away from the germs" for this exchange.